After School Play September 24 - October 5

After School Newsletter

Dear After School Families:

We have been having a great time here at the Grange.  They love running and playing group games with one another.  I recently introduced frizz-bees to them and they love playing with them.  They have been learning to control their throws to one another and gives them a good chance to communicate to their partner.  It has been a blast and is something they have asked to play with constantly.  We are learning to work as a team and to communicate with one another such as “Heads up!”. 

Our September Focus:

For the next few weeks we will be focusing what to expect during the season of Fall.  We will be using leaves in our art, exploring apples, and journaling about the season as well.  Another thing to expect is introducing jobs.  Our jobs will include; line leader, caboose, the gate closer, the backpack helper, and the prayer leader.  We will practice taking turns with these jobs. 

First Minimum Day:

Our first Minimum Day is on Wednesday the 26th.  I will be emailing the Wednesday group of parents to confirm all those coming with me to the grange.  Please note that if you are in Session B on a minimum day, you will be charged an extra hour for early dismissal.  If you have any questions in regards to minimum day please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Fun in the Sun:

Please encourage the children to dress in layers. This could mean wearing a long sleeve shirt and underneath a tank top.  This will help the children change easily into something more comfortable while outside.  I understand the mornings are cold, but it warms up fast in the afternoons.

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe:

We made strawberry smoothies for our cooking activity.  The children requested that the recipe, so they can make it at home with their families.  We used frozen strawberries and vanilla coconut milk.  The children each scooped up strawberries and put in the blender.  It was cool and refreshing drink on a warm day.

No Show Email or Text: 

We do care if we do not see your child during their normal pick up.  Emailing or texting will give us a good reference to keep track during pick up.  My email is and cell is 831-915-3324.

Have a terrific week, Miss Laura and the afternoon team!

Sandy French