Afterschool Play September 10-21

Dear After School Families:

It has been an exciting first two weeks at school.  Pick-ups at Toro are going great and the teachers at Toro are very helpful with helping the children get to their class to the van.  It has been remarkable getting to know the children.  Their personalities really shine in the class.  They really enjoy playing and creating games with each other.  Recently they created game called “Hoop Tag”, where they roll hula hoops towards one another.  It really is a group effort and they love getting everyone involved in their game.  Often, they are planning in the van on the way to grange on what they are going to play.   I can already tell it’s going to be a great year.

Our September Focus:

For the next few weeks we will be decorating and starting our journals.  Each child will be getting their own and will be available for them during the day to draw in. They will be decorating the front with stickers and drawing.  This is an exciting time for them to be expressive through their drawings.  Another thing I will be introducing this month is board games.   We will be focusing on following the rules and handling tough situations such as losing in the games.   This a great opportunity for children to learn from their mistakes and think of strategies for a better try next game.  We will be starting off with Candland and HI-Ho Cherry.   Both great games that are fun and challenging. 

Spare change of clothes:

Please be sure to pack a spare change of clothes.  Over here at the grange we like to play in the water in the mud pit.  Spare clothes will be stored in the children’s cubbies.  Any used clothing will be sent home the same day with the child.  Thank you!

No Show Email or Text: 

We really do care if we do not see your child during their normal pick up.  Emailing or texting will give us a good reference to keep track of our future pick-ups.  My email is and cell is 831-915-3324. 

Have a terrific week, Miss Laura and the afternoon team!

Sandy French