Afterschool Play January 28 - February 8

After School Newsletter




Dear After School Families:

The children have been working on so much during the last few weeks.  They have painted with different scented paints and talked about the differences between sweet and earthy scents.  We have started our mystery box.  This is when the children put their hand in the box and feel with only their hands, then guess what is inside based on touch.  The children also used their ears to listen to the rain to help determine if it was raining hard our lightly.  We will soon be putting all 5 senses to the test in a science experiment.  

Our January Focus:

The month of January we will be focusing on our five senses.   We are going to be taking our mini nature hike around the school and see what our 5 senses can find.   In our mystery box we will be able to not only feel and hear with what is inside, but we will be able to taste and smell.  The children will also be working their five-sense art project that will be coming home soon. 

Afternoon Snacks:

Thank you for pack healthy lunches and snacks for the children.  Please pack a little more snack for our snack time in the afternoon.  The children have been eating all their food during lunch time and have little snack to eat in the afternoon.

Read-O Burrit-O Tac-O Nite:

Please mark your calendars for this fun family event.  The After School Families are bringing the tortilla chips for the salsa.  We will also be having our book fair open during that time.   It will be a great chance to get a new book and enjoy some Tacos!  If you have any further questions please feel free to ask Ms. Sandy or myself.

No Show Email or Text: 

We do care if we do not see your child during their normal pick up.  Emailing or texting will give us a good reference to keep track during pick up.  My email is and cell is 831-915-3324.

Have a terrific week!

Miss. Laura & the Afterschool Team

Sandy French