Afterschool Play February 11-22

After School Newsletter




Dear After School Families:

Happy February!  The children have been full of energy these past couple of weeks.  Even though it has been raining on and off, the children still enjoyed being inside.  It gave us a good chance to work on our five senses.  We would listen to see if it was raining hard or softly.  Most of all we played their favorite game called “freeze dance”.  

Currently the children have been getting interested in making letters and have been delivering them to their friend’s cubbies.  To help them along with their idea we started learning the concept of “From” and “To”.  So I know who I am giving it to and their friends know who gave it to them.

Our January Focus:

The month of February we will be focusing on Family!  The children are super excited to be making valentines for friends and family.  This is a perfect opportunity to talk about the ones dear to their heart.  They will be drawing family photos and the children will each bring in their favorite family photo and share something about their families. 

The Science of Coding:

During our science day I have introduced to the children about binary coding.  They have made bracelets or necklaces that spelled out the first letter of their first name.  Binary coding is a system that uses numbers or characters to represent letters in computers or other electric devices.  We will be using it in other medians such as beading or in coloring.   The children seemed to enjoy making bracelets with a secret code.

Thank for a Reado-tastic Nite:

Thank you for coming to Reado Burrito Taco Nite!  It was a huge success.  The children loved coming in the PJ’s after school hours and eating with their family and friends!  It was nice seeing all the families bring in food for all to share.  Thank you again!

No Show Email or Text: 

We do care if we do not see your child during their normal pick up.  Emailing or texting will give us a good reference to keep track during pick up.  My email is and cell is 831-915-3324.

Have a terrific week!

Miss. Laura & the Afterschool Team

Sandy French