Afterschool Play March 18-29

After School Newsletter



Dear After School Families:

Recently we went into the garden and started turning the soil in our garden box so that we can plant our cabbage heads.   Since then we go everyday in the garden to make sure that all the plants are receiving water and observing the progress of the cabbage.  The children have been showing interest in planning flowers, fruits and vegetables.  We will be doing this, sometime this week. 

We have recently introduced to the children Meditation time.  This is when for a few minutes after coming inside from playing outside.  They lie down on the floor with some peaceful music on and breathe in slowly. We have been coming inside fired up and forgetting that when we are inside that we use softer voices and walking feet.  They children have been enjoying just a little resting time before we read our story. 

Our March Focus:

The month of March, we are focusing on Winter changing into Spring.  The changes that it will bring, such as, growing flowers, bugs, the weather.  The children have already noticed the bees are working again and flowers are just starting to bloom.  We will be growing our own plants and watching it grow through the weeks or even months ahead.  Tending to them and making observations of the growth it makes through out the weeks ahead.  

Extra clothes:

Please make sure that your children have extra clothes. They have been playing in the water recently and when they get wet, we change them so they can be more comfortable.  Once they use their clothes please refresh their cloth stash.  If you send it with them, they can put it in their baggies.  Thank you!

Names on Jackets:

Children can be forgetful and leave their jacket at school.  To help us return jackets to their owner please put their name inside.  Especially since someone else have the same jacket.

No Show Email or Text: 

We do care if we do not see your child during their normal pick up.  Emailing or texting will give us a good reference to keep track during pick up.  My email is and cell is 831-915-3324.

Have a terrific week!

Miss. Laura & the Afterschool Team

Sandy French