Backpacker Family October 8 - 19

Backpacker Newsletter 

October 8 - 19 - 18                

OCTOBER                                                                NOVEMBER
Oct. 12
Mixed Bag orders are due                   Nov. 1 Picture make up day 

Oct. 17 Picture Day                                           Nov.  7 All school Chapel Day Food Bank Donation

Oct. 25 Parent Gathering after drop off.       Nov.  7 Student’s Touchbase reports go home

                                                                        Nov. 12 Veteran’s Day  

   Nov 14    Harvest Celebration

Nov. 19 -23 Thanksgiving Break


*Please remember to send a sweater to school. The mornings are chilly.

* The month of October we begin inside the classroom.

Thank you

*  Elizabeth and Laci, Najia & Lena for making our class playdough during the month of September.  Thank you, Lauren & Camila, for making us lavender playdough.

*  Thank you all for joining us on the trip to the Farm.

*   Also thank you to all the Families that contribute to our snack foods.

Halloween is approaching us.  At Preschool, we keep it very simple. We will make Halloween art to take home and to decorate our classroom. We will make a paper plate masks for our “Mask Parade.” On Halloween day the children march around the school for the Purple Family then we will share pumpkin muffins and apple juice.  Children do not wear costumes or bring candy on that day. We will have pumpkin muffins and apple juice following the Mask Parade.

Dear Backpacker Families,

Thank you all for coming to “All School Chapel” I always enjoy The Blessing of the Animals. The children get excited to bring their pets to get blessed by Pastor Linda.

We have been discussing nutritious food and healthy eating habits.  Last week we discussed how foods help our bodies grow healthy and strong.  We discussed what foods we could have more of and which foods we should eat less of, even if they are tasty. It’s nice to see the children looking at our food poster to see how their lunch food is helping them grow. Next Wednesday we will make a fruit salad for snack.  Each child will bring their favorite fruit.  We will graph the fruit, then chop them up for a delicious Friendship Fruit Salad.

During math we have been sorting by type, color and next the will begin to sort by size.  The last two weeks the children have picked a weekly job. They select a job and keep all week. So, make sure to ask them what their job is this week. With Zoo Phonics, I introduced the Zoo Phonic letter Animals and review the letter sounds daily. Each child is working on an ABC book. They and will bring it home when they are finished.  Also, as a whole class.  the children all dictated a page in spooky book. The book will circulate and go home with each child to share with their family. Make sure to send it back the next day as other children will be waiting to share it with their family too.

Beginning this Friday, we will open our library for checking out books.  The children will bring home a book they selected in a manila envelope.  They are welcomed to keep the book for a week then return it in the same envelope before they may borrow another book from the library. Our Library day will be on Fridays.

We will be having a pumpkin patch outside for the children. We need small to medium size pumpkins to make this happen. If you would like to donate a pumpkin, there will be a box on the porch to put them in.  Thank you!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Happy Fall!

Miss Ruth


Art:   Inside:   Free art; making Halloween decorations & masks for our Mask parade.

           Outside:   Marble painting a spider web and Golf ball painting

Block Areas: small pumpkins

Dramatic Play:   Veggie Stand with cash registers, tables, and snack and a pumpkin patch

Literature: “I Like Cats” by Patricia Hubbell; “The Vanishing Pumpkin” by Tony Johnston; “The Hallo-Wiener” by Dav Pilkey; “Room on the Broom” by Julia Donaldson; “In the Dark Dark Wood”

by Ruth Brown, “Pumpkin Day” by Anne Rockwell and Journals by the Backpackers

Math:    Puzzles; collection boxes- sorting by color, shape & size; stringing & counting; matching apple;

Acorn Squirrel Game.

Science: We will be cleaning and preparing our garden for winter planting of bulbs and continue with composting and nutritious foods we will also look at the life cycle of apples & pumpkins.

Sensory: Inside:   Play dough and garlic press; black beans with pumpkin patch; Dogs & cats

Outside:    Apple pie cloud dough, Gak with rubber worms; eyeball soup; Chicken feed with wooden stumps and forest animals. 

Snack Lesson:   Washing fruit, making a Friendship Fruit Salad and making applesauce



Sandy French