Backpacker Family November 5-16


Backpacker Newsletter

November 5-16-18       


Wednesday, November 7- All School Chapel Food Bank Donation


Monday, November 12- Veterans’ Day Holiday


Wednesday, November 14- Harvest Festival 12:30 at Grange


November 19-23-Thanksgiving Holiday


Monday, November 26- Touch Base Report for Parents


Important Notices & Reminders

*   The month of November we will start outside. 


*   The mornings are VERY COLD at the Grange. Please send a jacket to school.  Even if your child doesn’t want to wear it.


*   Sign up to help with the Harvest Celebration.


Thank you


*  Lauren for being our October room parent and with Camila, making us playdough for the month.


*  Najia and Lena for bringing us pumpkin muffins for the Mask Parade.


Dear Backpacker Families,   


Preschoolers have a lot to share and say and tend to interrupt as others are speaking. The reason is quite simple; they interrupt because they are either excited, impulsive and have not developed the adequate tools for having conversations or have not developed the skills to wait. At school the Backpackers are working on communications skills. They are practicing listening, waiting and responding skills.  Here are a few ways to help your child develop good communication skills

1.     Model respectful communication & attentive listening. Take turns listening and responding. It is alright for you to say, “I know you have something to say, but I am not finished talking.”

2.     Sometimes children may need a signal to let them know it’s listening time. With my hand, I cup the back of ear to remind them to listen.

3.     When needing to interrupt a child, use respectful words such as, “excuse me” or “pardon me.”

4.     Providing opportunities for children to learn to wait are highly important. Using phrases as, “This is not a good time, but we can do it after lunch.” or “We do not have time to read three books tonight, but we can read an extra book tomorrow.  Where should we set it so we don’t forget?”

5.     It is important to simply explain to your child why you cannot do what they are asking. Be specific of when you will be available, “I am talking on the phone, when I am done, we can ….”  It is also important to follow through with what was said to your child.  If you need a few more minutes, let them know.  “I need a few more minutes, then we can read your book.”  

6.      Waiting is really difficult for young children.  It is respectful to value and acknowledge their time. “Thank you for waiting for me, I really needed to finish my phone call.  Where should we read your book?”  


We had a fun day celebrating Halloween. The children had a good time marching and showing off their masks and eating yummy muffins with the Purple Family. We played a game called “Silly Jack O ‘Lantern.  The children were blindfolded as they tried to pin the face on a felt pumpkin making it a “Silly Jack O’ Lantern.  We opened two pumpkins and took the seeds out for roasting, we discussed the lifecycle of a pumpkin. Then we carved them into Jack O’ Lanterns.  It’s fun to see how excited the children have been to share their costumes. This is a good introduction to sharing in front of the whole group. Starting Wednesday, I will begin to send home the “What’s Inside Bag.”

 The What’s Inside bag is a share bag that that each child will bring home.  Allow them to select a nonfragile object to share with the class.  Ask your child to tell you three clues.  You write them down and slide it in the clue pocket.  The children will have the opportunity to stand in front of the class to share their item.

A few guidelines:

1. The item must fit inside the closed bag.

2. DO NOT send electronic games, Lego sets, guns or weapons of any kind.

3. Have your child dictate 3 clues, write them down for them and slide it in the clue pocket.

4. Return the bag the next day to share with the class.

During the month of November we will be doing a seed discovery.  Last week the children shucked corn and loved eating it.  I think they could have eaten an entire ear.  We will continue to discuss edible seeds and try during snack such as, popcorn, sunflower, Pomegranate and more. In our garden box, we will plant carrots, lettuce and beets in our planter box.  We will bake a pumpkin pie.


We will be discussing what it means to be thankful and making a whole class Thanksgiving Recipe book, “What would make the perfect Thanksgiving Feast.”  Just like the Spooky book, the recipe book will circulate in the same way. In Science we will look into seeds that we can eat. In math we are doing AB sorting and continue to look at small, medium and large. With Zoo Phonics we are focusing with the phonemic sound of the letters. We recite the letter sounds & movements daily before we read our closing story


Our Harvest Celebration is Wednesday, November 14th at 12:30.

It will be held outside in our large yard.  If it should rain, we'll move it inside.

The Backpackers along with the Purple family will be getting ready for the Harvest Celebration by trying seeds, such as corn, pumpkin. We will make a pumpkin pie and use a Tortilla Press and grind corn seeds in a molcajete (a stone mortar and pestle). During the celebration we will march outside to the picnic tables and will feast on foods that we’ve been learning about and tasting during snack time.  You do not need to send a lunch on this day. After lunch, there will be a few crafts and fun activities for the children to do. Children are dismissed following the celebration. 

There will be a sign-up sheet on the porch table, please sign up to help us make it a fun time for the children.


Happy Fall! Miss Ruth




Art:   Inside:   Head-dress and Thanksgiving cards   Outside: Stamping & making Harvest Celebration table coverings and seed collage. Painting with corn husks and turkey feathers.

Block Areas:  Potato heads

Dramatic Play:   Molcajete (Mortar & Pestle)  with corn seed; and hammering golf tees into pumpkins

Literature: “I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie” by Alison Jackson; “Turkey Trouble” by  Wendi Silvano; “Run, Turkey Run!” by Diane Mayr “Bear Says Thanks” by Karma Wilson;”Raccoon and Ripe Corn” by Jim Arnosky; “The Dark”  by Robert Munsch; and Journals by the Backpackers

 and Journals by the Backpackers

Math:    Collection boxes and counting, puzzles, stringing beads, nuts & bolts

Science: We will begin to explore the harvest, edible seeds, and composting

Sensory: Inside:   Playdough with tortilla press and feathers; leaves, wood stumps and fairies; and Birdseed Kitchen  Outside: water and turkey basters, pumpkin moon sand, pumpkin boats with people, cornstarch and sifters then Gak

Snack Lesson:   Making Pumpkin Pie and continue tasting foods made from seeds.




Sandy French