Backpacker Family September 10-21

    Important Dates

Sept 20 & 21 Parent gathering at the church site after drop off

 Sept. 24 Mixed Bag Fundraiser

 Oct. 3  First All School Chapel in the Sanctuary - “Blessing of the animals” at 9:00

 Oct. 17   Picture Day

Oct. 25  Parent meeting after drop off.


  • Please remember to send a sweater to school. The mornings are chilly.
  • The month of September we will begin our day in the garden or large play yard.

Thank you

Elizabeth and Laci for making our class purple play dough.

Look who’s turning 5!

Happy Birthday!

8  Lena     

14  Charlie  

21  Ventura 

Hello Backpacker Families,

We have been having so much fun getting to know one another, playing, signing songs and learning our daily schedules and routine.Next week will be our first music class with Miss Tina and Wednesday  our first  “in class” chapel  with Chaplain Angela. Even though most children know how to use school materials, we still reintroduce them as reminders.

I’ve introduce all centers and reminded that children that “Clean up is part of playing.” The children made their first entry in their journals. Please know that you are welcome to come in and read your child’s journal with them.  They would really enjoy it.

All School Chapel, “Blessing of the Animals.” During our first All School Chapel you can bring your pet to be blessed by Pastor Linda. If you cannot bring your pet, bring a picture of it in a ziplock bag or your child can bring their favorite stuffed animal. All school Chapel is once a month. At 9:00, drive your child to the church stay with them during chapel until it’s over, usually about 10 minutes long. Once it’s over drive them to the Grange. Our first Chapel is Wednesday, 10/3/18 and we will meet once a month afterwards.  I will be bringing Kingy, our pet California King Snake.

 Thank you all for making the start of the school

year so fabulous! If you have questions, the best way to reach me is through email at or leave me a message at home (831)424-4291

Miss Ruth

What we are working on

Art: Fly swatter art/ stamping art, introduction of hole punchers & staplers.

Math: introducing collection boxes and sorting

Science: What foods are good for my body

Sensory:bubbles, farm animals & pellets, pouring water, sand, buttons & tongs

Snack Lesson: Count the 4 squares/ find the center


Sandy French