Backpacker Family January 14-25

   Happy New Year!

Backpacker Newsletter

January 14-25-19      

Dates to Remember:

Thursday, 1/17          Fun!Raiser Meeting at the Church Site after drop off 9:15

Monday, 1/ 21           Observance of Martin Luther King Jr.  Day - Preschool closed  

Jan 28- Feb 1            Scholastic Book Fair in the Church Library

Wednesday, 1/30      Read ’O-Burrito & Book Fair Night 5:30-6:30 at Church Site

Wednesday. 2/13      “All School Chapel” Theme is Love

Monday, 2/18            Presidents Day- Preschool Closed

Friday, 2/22               Parent/teacher Conferences No Preschool

Friday, March 1        “Sweetheart Lunch” Dads come to lunch with their preschooler at 12:00



*The Month of January we will begin OUTSIDE.  It gets very cold please send a jacket for your child.  Dress them in layers so they can peel them off as it warms up.


* It is damp and wet outside, please send your child with rain boots to keep warm and dry.


* Check your child’s extra clothing and make sure they have extra warm clothing and shoes.


Happy New Year Backpacker Families!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas time with your family and friends. I had a lovely time and it’s good to be back at school with the children. The children have been very excited to see each other after the long break.  Last week, we got back into our routine. It was amazing how quickly the Backpackers jumped back into it and are ready to start doing more.  The first part of the school year, we focused on learning to work together as a team, now as we return, we will be doing more “Work” to get them ready for Kindergarten.  We are reviewing colors and shapes and continuing with patterns. We will do more number review and practice writing letters and numbers on dry erase boards.


We are very excited to have Scholastic Book Fair come to Good Shepherd, January 28-February 1.

It will be held in the library room at the church site. We will need a few parent volunteers to help during morning drop off (8:30) and at pick up time (12:30) each day of the fair. If you’d like to volunteer, your child can come early or stay late while you work the Book Fair. The Book Fair will be open the evening of “Read ’O -Burrito!” from 5:30-6:30.


“READ ‘O’ BURRITO” is a fun night for children and parents. (1/30 from 5:30-6:30pm) Put on your PJ's, bring a pillow, a blanket and come eat delicious burritos. After we are done eating, listen to stories read by parents as the children enjoy some popcorn. Let Miss Sandy know if you are interested in reading to a small group of children. There will be a sign-up sheet for burrito toppings.  The Backpackers will be making salsa for the burritos.


Thank you so much to Lauren and Elizabeth for being the December room parents.



The Next Two Weeks:

Science:   Hibernation - what do animals do when it gets cold. Tending to our garden

Technology:  As adults we picture Technology as computers, tablets and the latest gadgets.  Our preschool works from the very bottom (foundation) and up.  For preschool we are not going interact with your children through IPADS or to help them learn how to use one.  We are working on their thinking brains to discover how tools that we use in the classroom work.  For example, we ask the children to hold a tape dispenser and ask them to look at it and tell us how it works.  We are not looking for the correct answer as we want the children to problem solve.  In future newsletters under Technology you may see different tools we are exploring.  The children will practice cutting and making snowflakes, learning to use a screwdriver.   Soon we will have a take apart station.

Engineering/Block Areas: Potato Heads, solo cups with cardboard & Popsicle sticks

Art:   Inside:   Free art, practicing cutting and making snowflakes.  Outside:   Painting with gears, Painting on triangles, rectangles, diamonds & hearts

Math:   Cuisenaire Rods for seriation; shape & number review; collection box counting, patterning and number recognition, Puzzles 8-34 pieces. Practicing writing numbers. We count daily to open the play structure.  We add increments of 10.  We are currently counting up to 60.

Dramatic Play:  Veterinarian Clinic

Literature:   “The Mitten” by Jan Brett; “The Hibernation Station’ by Michelle Meadows; “The Bear Snores On” by Karma Wilson; “Smelly Feet” &“The Paper Bag Princess” by Robert Munsch; “Miss Nelson Is Missing” by James Marshall; “The Three Little Pigs and Journals by the Backpackers

Sensory: Inside:   Kinetic Sand with dinosaurs & rocks and colored rice, tubes and scoops

Outside:    Gutters with water and ducks.

Snack Lesson:  Breaking broccoli off the stem and Spreading jam on rice cakes


Have a great New Year!!

Miss Ruth

Sandy French