Backpacker Family January 28-February 8


Backpacker Newsletter

January 28- February 8-19      

Dates to Remember:

Jan 28- Feb 1            Scholastic Book Fair in the Church Library

Wednesday, 1/30      Read ’O-Taco-Burrito & Book Fair Night 5:30-6:30 at Church Site

Wednesday. 2/13      ”All School Chapel” Theme is LOVE

Friday 2/ 15              School Fun!Raiser Meeting at 9:15 

Monday, 2/18                       Presidents Day- Preschool Closed

Friday, 2/22              Parent/Teacher Conferences at church site - No Preschool

Friday, March 1       ”Sweetheart Lunch” Dads come to lunch with their preschooler at 12:00



* Please send a jacket for your child, the mornings are cold at the Grange.  Dress them in layers so they can peel them off as it warms up.


* It is very damp and wet outside, please send your child with rain boots to keep their feet warm and dry.


* Check your child’s extra clothing and make sure they have extra warm clothing and shoes.


Hello Backpacker Families!

The class is working on ABC Patterns, we are reviewing shapes.   Every morning you will find the “Question of the day” on the play dough table. This is how the children will continue to practice writing their name daily.  Also, I am beginning to introduce a few worksheets in order to get them a little prepared for Kindergarten.  We will be opening a card making station in the class where the children will learn to address an envelope and write the name of the friend they are giving it to.


Earlier last week, Miss Maggie from Central Coast Pediatric Dentistry came to our preschool. She did a fun presentation for the children about taking care of our teeth. She showed how to properly brush and floss to avoid cavities. She showed us a tooth model and a mouth with a cavity.  The children were able to brush a teeth model and they were each given a goody bag.


Last week the children and I took a trip to view the Book Fair.  It will be open Monday, Jan 28th- Feb 1st at the Church Site in front of Miss Sandy’s office.  It will be opened during Reado-Taco-Burrito Night. The Preschool receives a 50% profit from the sales to be used as Scholastic Dollars for us to purchase books, manipulatives and other items for our school.

“READO-TACO- BURRITO” IS THIS WEDNESDAY from 5:30-6:30!!!   It will be a fun night for children and parents. Put on your PJ's, bring a pillow, a blanket and come eat delicious burritos. After we are done eating, listen to stories read by parents as the children enjoy some popcorn. The Backpackers will be making salsa for the burritos. The Backpacker Family is signed up to bring chopped lettuce and tomatoes for Reado Taco Burrito Night.  If your last name is A-P bring chopped lettuce in a Ziploc bag and if your last name is Q - T bring chopped tomatoes in a Ziploc bag. We will combine all the lettuce and tomatoes in large bowls. Please bring Monday or Tuesday so Sandy can get things prepared!


“Miss Ruth, I do not know how to wipe my bottom.” As children are getting ready for Kindergarten it is important that they learn to wipe their bottoms as there will most likely not be someone to help them. Children nee explicit instructions and practice to become competent.


How to Teach a Kid to Wipe

  1. Teach them how much toilet paper they need.

  2. Teach them how to fold the paper into an appropriate wad.

  3. Teach them to wipe where the poop came from

  4. Remind them to Use toilet paper only once. Then get more if needed.

  5. Stay calm- nothing derails skill building like a pressure from an impatient parent.

  6. Remind them and yourself that it a mess is made, it is cleanable.

  7. Make sure they're clean and instruct to clean more if needed.

  8. Remind them to pull up their pants.

  9. Remind them to always Wash their hands.

  10. IMPORTANT: Girls need to wipe from front to back.


Have a fantastic Week!

Miss Ruth


Sandy French