Backpacker Family February 11-22


            Backpacker Newsletter

February 11-22-19      

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday. 2/13      ”All School Chapel” Theme is LOVE

Thursday 2/14           Happy Valentine’s Day - Card  exchange

Friday 2/ 15               Fun!Raiser Meeting at 9:15 

Monday, 2/18                        Presidents Day- Preschool Closed

Friday, 2/22               Parent/Teacher Conferences at church site - No Preschool

Friday, March 1        ”Sweetheart Lunch”  Dads come to lunch with their preschooler at 12:00


*  Please send a jacket for your child, The mornings are cold at the Grange.  Dress them in layers so they can peel them off as it warms up.


*  It is very damp and wet outside, please send your child with rainboots to keep their feet warm and dry.


*  Check your child’s extra clothing and make sure they have extra warm clothing and shoes.


Hello Backpacker Families!

In the classroom we have been working beautiful friendship hearts. Come check them out, you can't miss them. The children have been very busy making a heart garland.  It was a three day project. 1st they painted their paper with crunched newspaper. 2nd they cut out 14-16 hearts. 3rd they hole punched the sides and laced all their hearts together. They all look beautiful!!!


The children have become really interested in the Question of the day. They have started to make suggestion for questions. For example, “Do you like rice?” or “Do you have a pet?”  The children are making predictions on whether more classmates will say yes or no to the question. They are observing and commenting on how some friends are improving their letter writing.  It’s been a fun activity.


The Card Station is open and the children are making lots of card and are addressing the cards and envelopes.  Thank you Elisa and Ventura for donating a lot of envelopes to our school.

On Monday  each child will draw a picture to be mailed to their home.  We will estimate and chart how many days they think it will take for their letter to arrive.  

In Math the children will be working on number recognition and number groupings we are practicing writing numbers & letters on the dry erase boards.  In Zoo Phonics we are playing games to practice letter name and it's sound. During science we will begin to focus on seed growth and start planting seeds inside the classroom and transplant them when it's warmer outside. We will chart their growth. We will do a few seed experiments as well. Do seeds sprout faster in the dark or in the sun. Do seeds need soil to germinate? Also, can a carrots, celery and lettuce grow once it's pulled out of the ground?


Thank you for coming to Reado-Taco_Burrito Night and supporting our Book Fair.  Our classroom received

several books from the children.  I have read them and added a library card pocket for the children to borrow.

Thank you Calder for donating , “Dragons Eat Noodles on Tuesday”, and to Laci for gifting, “Thank You Mr.

Panda” and “The Impatient Caterpillar”


Valentine’s Day is coming! If you would like to participate, The Backpacker class will exchange Valentine's cards on THURSDAY, February 14th.  The cards may be purchased or homemade. PLEASE do NOT send or attach candy to their Valentines, as we have a no candy rule. The children really get excited with just a card.  For snack, we will be making a Friendship Pizza to share. Each child will bring a small ziplock bag of cheese to add the pizza.  Also if your child has a favorite topping please send a small ziplock bag of it so they can add to their slice. We will be graphing Our favorite pizza toppings PLEASE SEND A REGULAR LUNCH!

We have 7 children in the class. The Valentine card does not need to be addressed to anyone.  If you like,

you may write "to my friend", or just write, “from” and have your child write their name. This would be a

great opportunity for your child to practice writing their name. Each child will make a valentine bag to

Collect their special cards on Valentine's Day.


Parent/Teacher Conferences: I am looking forward to share with each of you about your child's days at school. Conferences will be held Friday, February 22nd at the church site. There will not be any classes for the children, but childcare will be available while you are in conference. A schedule is posted on the sign-in table. If your assigned time does not fit with your schedule, Please switch with another parent.  There are also three slots available.


The Next Two Weeks:

Science:   Seed growth and experiments. Tending to our garden

Technology:   The children will using staplers to make their Valentine bag. They’ve used a flat head screwdriver and now they will use a Philips. learning to use a screwdriver.   Soon we will have a take apart station.

Engineering/Block Areas: Fire station and solo cups with cardboard & popsicle sticks 

Art:   Inside:   Free art Valentine art, Card making station. Outside:   Stuffing our heart collaged hearts and  painting hearts.

Math:   Number recognition and number groupings,  Puzzles 8-34 pieces. Practicing writing numbers on a dry erase board. We count daily to open the play structure.  We add increments of 10.  We are currently counting upto 60.

Dramatic Play:   Inside; Post office and Firefighters coats outside.

Literature:   “Stellaluna” by Janell Cannon Parker,“Pig the Stinker & Pig the Star” by Aaron Blabey,  “Love Splat” by Rob Scotton “Happy Valentine's Day Mouse” by Laura Numeroff & Felicia Bond, “Olive My Love” by Vivian Walsh, “Clifford's First Valentine's Day” by Norman Bridwell, “Foggy Goes a Courting” & Backpacker Journals

Sensory:  Valentine Soup, Pink Sudsy Bubbles with whisks, Sponges and colored water.

Snack Lesson:  Friendship Pizza


Happy Valentine’s Day

Miss Ruth

Sandy French