Backpacker Family April 1-12

Backpacker Newsletter

April 1 - 12 -19    

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday       4/3          MAKE UP Picture Day at the Church site

April 8-12                     Week of the Young Child

Friday,            4/ 12       All School Beach day at Lover’s Point-Whole school field                                       trip. Parents bring their child to the beach.

April 15 -22                  Easter/Spring Break

Friday             4/26        Last Parent Meeting after drop off

Wednesday       5/9          All School Chapel, Celebrating Moms

Friday             5/10        Mother’s Day Tea & Lunch at 12:00 in the Classroom



Hello Backpacker Families!    

I’m hoping you all made it to the Thank you Brunch last Thursday at the Church Site.  THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO TO HELP AND SUPPORT OUR SCHOOL!!!

Also, thank you for joining us as we sang songs to celebrate spring at the Spring Sing Celebration last Friday.


I want to let families know that we have had a few incidents with spitting. Spitting is not acceptable. If spitting occurs the child must be picked up from school. The spitting has ceased with terrific parent support.


In math, the children are practicing writing numbers.  I am teaching the children to write using the Math Their Way approach of using purple & green colors.  Each number is written in two stroke. Each stroke has its own color. I will send a copy of the numbers in purple and green strokes.     The children are enjoying estimating the quantity of objects are in the jar. They especially like sounding out how to spell the objects.  They are doing an awesome job sounding out the words.  My next plan is to have them phonetically spell one word in their journals.   When children spell phonetically, they write down only the letter sounds they hear.  They might write “flor” for flower. In the beginning, to keep motivating children to continue to attempt sounding out words, it is important that we support them by saying something like, “I can see that you wrote flower.  Sometimes over correcting their sounding out backfires and they will not attempt to spell. Once they are used to sounding out you can begin to correct them.


In science, we have planted some flowers and tomatoes plants.  Soon we will plant some String beans.   The children have been drawing & dictating their observations of their seed experiments.   We discovered that the plants that have been in the sunlight have roots that are turning green and the roots are small and close to the seed.  The seeds that are growing in the dark have longer straight root shoots and are a white color with a little hint of yellow.

We will also learn what Oviparous animals are and make a birds nest.


Whole School Beach Day at Lover’s Point Beach is  Friday, April 12  The entire preschool will meet at Lover’s Point Beach for a morning of Beach Fun. Bring your own everything, snacks, lunch, water, toys etc.. Children must be accompanied by a grown up. The staff will be there at 9:30 and will leave by 12:30. We will still have Afternoon Enrichment for those who need it. The beach is right in front of The Beach House restaurant – the address is 620 Ocean View Blvd. Pacific Grove for those who would like to use their GPS. Miss Sandy has checked the tide and low tide is right at 11:30 so it will be perfect at 9:30.


Thank you to Venessa and Charlie for making playdough for our class during the month of March. 


The Next Two Weeks:

Science:   Planting flowers and vegetables, composting & working in the garden

Technology:   Introducing tools and Take apart

Engineering/Block Areas: Adding Magna-tiles to the block area. Tinker Toys; Lincoln Logs

Art:   Inside: Stencils & Paint sticks.  Outside:  paint car rolling, pine cone rolling

Math:   Number recognition and number groupings, puzzles 8-34 pieces. Practicing writing numbers on a dry erase board. We count daily to open the play structure. We also count objects in the jar after estimating.   We add increments of 10.  We are currently counting up to 90

Dramatic Play:   Inside; Bake shop

Sensory:    In:   Dinosaur, rocks & sand, Sea shells in sand Out:  Flower petal tea,; Soil, flowers & bugs and colored tubes with water.


 Have a great week! Miss Ruth


Sandy French