Backpacker Family March 4 - 15

Backpacker Newsletter

March 4 - 15 -19      

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday. 3/6         ” All School Chapel” at 9 at the church

Friday 3/ 8                    Switch-a-Roo Day! 

Wednesday, 3/13      Spring Picture Day-

Thursday     3/14        Parent Meeting - Thank you Brunch after drop off

Friday          3/22         Spring Celebration at 12:30 in the Grange Garden


*  Please send a jacket for your child, the mornings are cold at the Grange.  Dress them in layers so they can peel them off as it warms up.


*  It is very damp and wet outside, please send your child with rainboots to keep their feet warm and dry.


*  Check your child’s extra clothing and make sure they have extra warm clothing and shoes.


Thank you for being a part of the preschool Fun!raiser – Thank you brunch Thursday March 14


Hello Backpacker Families!

Thank you, dads and special guests, for coming to our Sweetheart Lunch.  The children had a great time making a gift, card, and setting up for their special family member.


Thank you for coming to your Parent Conferences.  It’s nice to see you and touch base with you about your wonderful children.  


We will start off March by trying to figure out what Leprechauns are and try to catch one. 

 In Math the children will be working on number recognition and number groupings. The children will begin to start estimating “How many in the jar” they will practice writing their estimated number as they sign-in each morning. We will continue practicing writing numbers & letters on the dry erase boards.  In Zoo Phonics we are playing games to practice letter name and it's sound. During science we will begin to focus on seed growth and start planting seeds inside the classroom and transplant them when it's warmer outside. We will chart their growth. We will do a few seed experiments as well. Do seeds sprout faster in the dark or in the sun. Do seeds need soil to germinate? Also, can a carrots, celery and lettuce grow once it's pulled out of the ground?


Thank you to Nicole and Colby for making playdough for our class.  A special thank you to Venessa and Charlie for helping us celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday by preparing goodie bags for all the children.

SWITCH-A-ROO DAY!  Is around the corner, Friday March 8th.

All the teachers and children from the Grange and the Church site will switch schools for the day.

Drop off and 1:00 pick up your child at the church classroom. Please bring a lunch and a set of extra clothes for your child.  There will be a cubby with your child's name on it to put their belongings. If your child stays for after school with Miss Laura, we will transport them back to the Grange for afternoon regular pickup.


The Next Two Weeks:

Science:   Seed growth and experiments. Tending to our garden

Technology:   Introducing tools and Take apart and seed growth

Engineering/Block Areas: Solo cups with cardboard & popsicle sticks; Tinker Toys; Lincoln Logs

Art:   Inside: Painting Daffodils in our garden. Outside:   Lazy Susan Painting and Squirt Bottle Painting

Math:   Number recognition and number groupings, puzzles 8-34 pieces. Practicing writing numbers on a dry erase board. We count daily to open the play structure.  We add increments of 10.  We are currently counting up to 60.

Dramatic Play:   Inside; Bake shop

Sensory:    In:   Leprechaun table and pouring table OutSoapy water with hand mixers, pellets and hole cardboard, ghost foam, alligator swamp

Snack Lesson:  Friendship Pizza


Have a great week!

Sandy French