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Church Garden Work Day

Garden Work Day: June 17, 7:30 - Noon. 

Two yards of soil are needed. If anyone has this to donate, it would be appreciated! 

Two yards of small wood chips are needed. If anyone has this to donate, it would be appreciated!

This is the equipment that is needed:
Pickup truck to get soil and mulch

Pick axes
Spading forks
Leaf blower
Weed wack tool
Cardboard cutter
Garden gloves

These are the Jobs in order of importance
1 Get two yards of soil
2 Get two yards of small wood chips
3 Fill new bed with best soil available
4 Spread rest of soil to even out the area between the Japanese garden and the parking lot
5Move empty pots and side plants inside the back flower arranging area
6Dump the barrel near the back side door
7 Remove old yellow daisy plants next to lower parking lot
8leaf blow or rake the debris from the sides and middle of the parking lot. Dispose behind the sheds.
9Prune dead wood from church front shrubs
10 Remove dead plants and oak seedlings from front of church and pump house area
11 Dump tricycle and wagon from back flower arranging area
12weed wack the weeds next to pump house, sheet mulch with cardboard and wood chip
13 Remove and prune parking lot/roadway shrubs
14 Investigate and remove poison oak from outdoor Chapel and playground area. 
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