Chapel November 5

“Chaplain Angela, what does serve mean?” This from a budding reader in the Backpacker class who was considering the tablets of the Ten Commandments in the sand at the end of this week’s story.  The quiet earnestness of the question was still running through my head as I was helping a row of Blue Family children who were done playing in the water in the sandbox dry their feet so they could put their shoes and socks back on. 

The Godly Play premise that sometimes silence is full really doesn’t translate well to a written newsletter.

But, for all my lack of words, my heart is full.  These lovelies are growing so fast, learning to turn their own socks right-side-out, learning to ride a tricycle forward and not roll backwards into the mud pit, learning to use their words when curious or frustrated.  The little ones are so delighted to recognize their names on their circle spots for Chapel. All of them were ready to dance with Miriam when the people escaped through the sea.  They gobbled up the matzo of the journey through the desert.  They see both doors and tombstones in the Commandment tablets. They love Moses’ courage in climbing into the fire and smoke that covered Mt. Sinai. They are proud of their own strength in lifting the rock that is Mt. Sinai in our story.


Such a blessing for me to get to serve them. 


Have a beautiful week,  Chaplain Angela

Sandy French