Chapel December 3

11/ 14-15                    


Time has flown by, and the children noted with excitement that we are alllllmost to the purple time (Advent) which means we are alllllmoooost to Christmas!!!  But, first, we have more getting ready to do.

Last week, I told the story of Jonah.  I wanted the children to have heard of prophets before we jump into Advent and what the prophets had to say about Bethlehem.   When I wondered what the most important part of the story was, I got some wonderful replies:  the whale, the storm, God, when Jonah prayed, when the whale spit him out (EW! Slobbery!), when the people started to do nice things.

This week, I told the parable of the Mustard Seed to coordinate with the Harvest Celebrations.  Each child got to add a bird or a nest to our story.  Getting to place a piece in the story gives the children concrete ownership in the parable, and they took the decisions of where to place their pieces very seriously.  Godly Play really looks to create opportunities for connection with the Divine. It is always moving to me to get to watch such connections happening.


Have a blessed Thanksgiving week! Chaplain Angela

Sandy French