Chapel Update January 28


Children grow so fast!  Last week we hear the story of the Baby Jesus being presented to God at the Temple.  This week, Jesus is already big enough to go into the temple all by himself.

When we talked about how Mary might have felt about all the things Simeon and Anna had to say about her baby, one child was sure she would have been unhappy because it meant many, many people were going to want to come and see the baby and it would be a lot and someone might take the baby.  Another child was quick to reassure that God was there, so no one would do that.

In thinking about being big enough to do something “all by myself” the children were proud of many things they have mastered from putting on their own shoes, to riding two-wheel bikes, to climbing trees.  When we talked about things they might still like to learn to do, the list was impressive: bake a birthday cake, ride a bike up a tree, jump off the roof, cook, drive a car, fly a plane, tell stories like [Chaplain Angela]. (Be still my heart!)


What would you still like to learn to do?  Why not give it a go?


Blessings on your adventures!  Chaplain Angela


Sandy French