Chapel Update April 1-12



We are in our purple getting-ready time.  The children are excited about the approach to Easter.  In Godly Play stories, we follow Jesus’s approach to Jerusalem during Lent. The last two weeks have focused on his interactions in Jericho with Bartimaeus and with Zacchaeus.  We tried to tune into our senses other than sight to get a sense of Bartimaeus’s life. We heard other classes and teachers, the water bubbling in the fish tank, the clock ticking, and cars going by; we felt the carpet, the furnace blowing, and our friends next to us.  We talked about what it is like to be too short to see through a crowd, to be maneuvered to the front or lifted over the throng, and to climb a tree. 

Sometimes we need to get out of our habits and pay attention to input we normally filter out. Sometimes a different perspective on things makes all the difference.  Take a minute to pause this week.  Look at things from your child’s perspective.  Close your eyes and listen to the birds singing.  Pull off to the shoulder and revel in the amazing wildflower display.


May you find joy, Chaplain Angela

Sandy French