Chapel Update March 4 - 15


When we heard about Jesus calling his disciples, the setting was the shore of the Sea of Galilee. The story plays out on a large piece of felt – part blue (the Sea) and part green (the land).  The beginning is an explanation that “so many important things happened near the Sea of Galilee that we just had to have a small piece to help us tell the stories.” Last Chapel we heard the story of the Paralytic whose friends lower him through the roof to get him to Jesus when he was in Capernaum hear the Sea of Galilee – on the same piece of felt, with the same introduction.  This week, I put my hand on the felt in the basket to begin the story of Jesus calming the Storm and was interrupted, “Chaplain Angela? Is that the water of Galaxy?  Again?  We heard this story already!” 


On Wednesday (yesterday), the Backpackers requested a Work Day.  It is a small class, so we have already heard plenty of stories for them to choose from.  Miss Ruth and I conferred and decided this Thursday (today!) worked best.  Be sure to check out the pictures.  They are a busy and creative bunch!


Blessings on your week.  Stay well!

Chaplain Angela


Sandy French