Preschool News from Miss Sandy October 18-31


Dear parents,

Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers.  This last chemotherapy really knocked me for a loop but I am now ready to get back to routines and fun! It feels great to be back. I must tell you that the staff has been phenomenal in my absences.  I am very appreciative of the teachers for their support and extra time they put in to make sure the school ran well.  A very special thank you to Miss Ruth as she has been doing a lot of behind the scenes work in my behalf and to Miss Mika for taking the lead and keeping the church site running smoothly. Whoo Hoo COGS staff!

Please come to the Parent Gathering on October 25, Thursday after drop off, with host Gail Root, Parent Educator and founder of Parent’s Place!


We will have toys for the kid’s coffee, tea and yummy healthy snacks too! 

Come with your questions and come to connect!

Things coming up:

Mask Parade:  Halloween is coming! The children will be enjoying a short but fun mask parade.  They will be working on their masks all next week. The process of making masks and many of the things we do around this time help calm fears about masks and costumes.  The classes at the grange will parade for each other and will cheer each other on.  The church site will parade together around the school and through the hallways. Following the parades, the children will enjoy pumpkin muffins and apple juice.  Please remember we have a “no candy” policy at school. Have a fun and safe Halloween, Sandy

“All School Chapel” Food Bank Offering: November 3 & 4 please come with your child into the church. Have your child bring non-perishable items for the Food Bank.  This is a message from the Food Bank: We need everything. 

The Harvest Celebrations~ The Harvest celebrations are very fun for all!  Parents and family are encouraged to attend.  There will be a feast that will include many healthy foods made from seeds such as, corn, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and other items that the children have made or harvested.  The children will sit down for their feast first. The parents will help serve the children.  Following the feast there will be fun activities to do with your child. We give thanks at this time for all the wonderful seeds that God has given so that we may have an amazing harvest next year.  We will be saving some of our harvested seeds for planting in the early springChildren DO NOT bring a lunch the day of the celebration.

Google & Yelp listings:  Please help Good Shepherd Preschool get the word out by reviewing us on Yelp! Somehow the preschool got bumped off google and when we search the school it is on the 5th page.  You will receive a little flier to remind you to write a review. Thank you!

Mark your Calendar

October 25 Parent Gathering – Guest speaker, Gail Root, and coffee, tea and snacks

October 30 Children’s Mask parade - during class time – parents do not need to attend

October 31 Children’s Mask Parade – during class time – parents do not need to attend

 Coming in November:                  

Nov. 1 Picture make up Day

Nov 7 & 8 All School Chapel – bring a food donation for the Food Bank

Nov. 12 Veteran’s Day – no preschool – Friday

Nov. 14 & 15 – Harvest Celebration – Wednesday & Thursday Church @ 12:00 Grange @12:30

Nov. 19-23 Thanksgiving recess

November 26 & 27 Touch base reports go home to parents


Sandy French