Preschool News from Miss Sandy October 11-25



We will be having a speaker, Gail Root, the originator of Parent’s Place, at the Parent Gathering on October 25 after drop off!

Dear Families,

I will be out this Friday and all next week.  Friday is my last chemotherapy, thank you Lord!  Thank you for all your love and support, it has meant so much to me. I feel very lucky to be a part of this wonderful church and preschool. Sandy

Self Help Skills: Parents please help your child with their growing autonomy by having them walk into pre-school instead of being carried.  Your child does many things at school by his or herself.  We encourage self-dressing and undressing, putting trash from lunches or snack in the garbage, clearing their spot from snack or lunch, cleaning up their area, pushing in chairs when finished, and so on.  It helps the children feel more competent and confident if they do things for themselves.  Children can easily walk into school carrying their own backpack (if it is not too heavy) and lunch box too!  It’s their job! Please read the information below on what self-help skills are.

Fire Drill: The church site & the grange site had their first fire drill of the year. We have fire drills once a month usually on Friday’s and once a year with the fire department. I choose not to do Fire Drills with the TTH classes until they get more settled in.  We had successful fire drills at both sites and discussed fire safety.

Library: We will be starting library in a few weeks. Teachers are getting their library checkout boards ready. We will be getting the large library envelopes laminated with photos on the front and we will be ready! More information to come.

Field trip to the Farm! -  Monday October 8 – please let your teacher know if you will meet us there or carpool.  We will be leaving the school at 9:00.  Field trip starts at 9:30.  We will have four classes there.  Your teacher will tell you were to meet her. Remember it is $8 for children and siblings that pick a pumpkin.  Under 2 is no charge unless they get a pumpkin.

Special Thank You  to Chelsi Bunting, Blaine’s mom in the TTh Purple Family, for handling the “New Mommy Meals”. If you know of anyone having a baby or just having a struggle and need a meal prepared please let us know so we can help out as a community!

Fun!Raiser:  The Fun!Raiser event is set for March 2 at the Amaral Barn so put on your calendar now!  BOOTS & BLING 

Thank you to all the families who jumped right in to volunteer for the preschool! Yay, Good Shepherd Families!

Mark your Calendar

October 8 Field trip to the Farm MWF Classes and 5 day classes

October 17 School Picture Day for all MWF and 5 day Classes

October 18 School Picture Day for all TTH classes

October 25 Parent Gathering – Guest speaker and coffee, tea and snacks

October 30 Children’s Mask parade - during class time – parents do not need to attend

October 31 Children’s Mask Parade – during class time – parents do not need to attend

Coming in November:           

Nov. 1 Picture make up Day

Nov 7 & 8 All School Chapel – bring a food donation for the Food Bank

November 6 & 7 Touch base reports go home to parents

Nov. 12 Veteran’s Day – no preschool – Friday

Nov. 14 & 15 – Harvest Celebration – Wednesday & Thursday

Nov. 19-23 Thanksgiving recess


Self Help Skills – What are self-help skills? – Why are they important?

Self-help skills are actions which we do for ourselves in everyday life.  Preschoolers are able to build these skills from a very young age with your help. Self-help skills can be divided into several categories: eating skills, dressing skills, taking care of own needs, and social or socio-emotional skills.

Eating skills: Children learn how to drink from a cup, use utensils, sit with grown-ups to eat, help clear the table, and help with dishes.

Dressing: Children learn how to dress and undress by themselves, make their own clothes choices sometimes (have a drawer or section of closet that they can choose from for preschool clothes).

Taking care of own needs: Children can wash hands, use the toilet, brush teeth and hair, blow their nose.

Social skills and emotional skills: Children learn how to separate from parents, interact and make friends with other children in a school setting, able to express needs.  

Self-help skills are important because they build competent confident children:  Now is the time for preschoolers to start learning to do things that mom or dad have been doing for them most of their life. Parents have the opportunity to practice some patience while their preschooler independently practices the skills of daily life. Parents who allow their preschoolers time to build these self-help skills will help build competent and confident children, they will feel good about themselves.  Sometimes, as parents and grandparents, we tend to do too many things for our children.  Children are very capable but they need our help and support. Children may say, “You do it” we reply, “You try and if you need help, I will help, a little.”

Dad and Mom:

1.     I can walk by myself, you do not need to carry me. I can carry my own things into school and put them away! Provide me with opportunities to build self-help skills.  I can do things!

2.     I can dress and undress myself and put on my shoes and socks, if you give me a little time.

3.     Tell me about your self-help skills.  Tell me what you are doing all by yourself.

4.     I can use the bathroom by myself and wash my hands too! Allow me time I need to perform tasks. It takes me longer but I can do them.

Sandy French