Preschool News from Miss Sandy November 23-December 7




     GIVING: Good Shepherd Church and Preschool are involved in giving in many ways.  This is a wonderful time to start instilling in young hearts and minds how important it is, as a community that we help and care for each other. Here are some other ways the preschool will be focusing on the community:

    Giving Christmas Trees at both schools are up!

They are ready to be decorated with Hats, Gloves, Socks, and Blankets for homeless adults and children.  There will be clothes pins for you to pin up your donation!  Or you may put under the tree. Kristy Nunes from “They Are One Local” a non-profit who sustains the homeless, will be taking them to the local warming shelters.

Giving Gifts: Salvation Army Christmas Gifts for those in need.                     

We partner with the Salvation Army to help fill their Christmas store for the holidays. 

At our December “All School Chapel” the children will adorn the front of the church with their gifts for children birth through 18. The church is collecting toys and pajamas at all services and then we will deliver everything to the Salvation Army.

Gift for you: Your children will give to you a gift of their young hands by making you something as well as singing for you at either the Jesus’ Birthday Celebration or the Christmas Evening Program

    MWF Purple Family, MWF Yellow Family & 4 year olds from the 5-day Blue Family will sing at the Children’s Evening Christmas Program for 4 & 5 year olds! December 19 @ 5:30 in the church, cookies and milk to follow!

What happens: The evening program is for students who will be turning 4 by December 1.  We are closed for Afternoon Enrichment on December 19.  Children will be able to rest and eat a little something before coming back to school.  Children are to be here no later than 5:10 PM.  We will be dressing the children in nativity dress ups that they have chosen.  No one is required to dress up.  The children will enter the church singing and we will have a large platform in front of the altar that they will all stand on and the children will serenade you with Christmas songs they have learned.

 TTH Purple Family, TTH Yellow Family & 5 Day Blue Family Classes will celebrate Jesus’ Birthday December 20 @ 12:00 or 12:30 in your child’s classroom.

About the party, parents will sign up to bring a sandwiches, fruit, and a gingerbread cake.  The cake is a simple 8” single layer cake with powdered sugar on the top. Star Market usually has the gingerbread box mix.  The children will sing some Christmas songs for you. Immediately following the singing you may help your child sit down at the birthday party tables with hats, as they will have a lunch which will be followed by a gingerbread cake as we all sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  Each class will have their own party.

Other Important Preschool dates to remember:

·        Nov. 28 & 29 Touch Base Reports:  Please look in sign in folders

·        All School Chapel: December 5 & 6:  Wednesday & Thursday 9:00 in the church.  Bring your unwrapped gift to be blessed!

·        Parent Gathering December 7: Friday, December 7 - 9:15 in parish hall – all parents try to attend but room parents are specifically asked to attend – we will need your help – fundraising discussions will be the crux of the meeting! Snacks for adults and kids and toys for kids will be available!  Room Parents need to attend.


When we return from Thanksgiving recess, the teachers are going to touch on the desert and the animals and plants and the people of ancient Bethlehem.  You may want to visit the Streets of Bethlehem this week of December 5-8 from 6 – 8:30 which is put on by the First Baptist Church of Salinas and volunteers from many other churches.  The crowds can be large on the weekend nights.  Wednesday and Thursday are the lightest day. It will bring the children to more of an understanding as we move along the same lines with our curriculum.

LESS IS MORE   We will start practicing our Christmas songs for our programs as well as making Christmas gifts and cards. We try to keep to routines, have fun, using sensory orientated activities that provide healthy outlets for tired and over-stimulated children, and stay with healthy snacks. We will be focusing on “Giving.” 

During this season if you have any traditions that you would like to share with your child’s class please talk to your child’s teacher as we enjoy your traditions.

Thank you, Sandy

Sandy French