Preschool News from Miss Sandy November 2-16






This is an informative Newsletter from Miss Sandy, please read!

Dear Families,

Thank you for choosing Good Shepherd Preschool for your child’s introduction to school. What a joy it is to hear the children back to school. Just a little about the curriculum here at Good Shepherd Preschool.  We have designed a curriculum that works for young children.

Low Teacher to Student Ratio

First and foremost, our low teacher to student ratio plays a huge role in how well the curriculum works. Our curriculum looks at the “whole child.”  We incorporate all areas of the child’s development into our program: 

  • Social Development

  • Emotional Development

  • Physical Development

  • Cognitive Development

  • Spiritual Development

The biggest area we work on so diligently in these preschool years is the social development & emotional development skills of all the children. 

When issues arise among children we look at these as teachable moments and help children learn how to work things out, how to be kind, and how to take care of one another.

We are also ‘developmentally appropriate’, which simply put means that everyone develops skills at different times and not by a pre-determined age. 

We are ‘child centered’, which means the teachers are actively listening and responding to your child’s needs.  Our program is from a child’s point of view!

We are ‘play based’, which means the teachers support children as they explore their environment.  They support children by facilitating their play, making it fun, and by setting up learning stations for them to explore.  Children love to learn and we want their love for learning to continue to bloom.

We are very thankful for the opportunity to be facilitators in your child’s learning and discovery.


You will notice that my email is cc’d on all the emails from your child’s teacher,  This really helps me know what is going on in each class from a child’s birthday to someone being sick. 

We begin our curriculum focusing on introducing the children to the different centers that we have at preschool. 

They will learn about the block area, science center, math and manipulative centers, writing center, library, and free art center and the many wonderful tools that they will play with at school. They will also be introduced to the pets in the classrooms. We will also be focusing on healthy food and snacks and how each item we eat helps an area of the body to grow and work efficiently.

The children will have a snack at school in the morning. 

Our first snack lesson is to learn about passing items, like cups and napkins then we move into pouring water to a specified line on a cup.  For the children who are older and may have done this before the lines were drawn at varying levels for a little challenge.  For the younger children the idea is to teach them to stop before getting to the top.  There will be a sign up sheet for snack next week.

Successful Separations for Preschoolers:

The preschool teacher will help you and your child through separation.  Sometimes it takes a little while but soon the child sees the fun and the other children playing.  Many times parents are worried about taking their child to preschool for the first time.  Will he or she cry? Will the teacher take care of my child’s needs? These are normal feelings, If you have any concerns let your child’s teacher know.

Books:

Please check the plastic folder in front of your sign-in page for any notes from your teacher, me or the bookkeeper.

Clothing and Shoes: 

Please help your child wear appropriate shoes to school that they can run and play in.  Boots make it difficult for play.  Also, please check extra clothes at school!


Please write your child’s name on the MEMO of your check.  Parents with different last names make it difficult to process checks easily. There are tuition boxes at each site for you to use.Materials Fee is due with September tuition

Carrying your child into school:

It is recommended by all teachers that children walk into school instead of being carried.  They can all walk now! We are working on self-help skills with the children and they can walk.  Of course, if there is crying or a need to comfort of course!  As a standard, children should walk in to school, sign in the Children’s sign-in book (if they want to), wash hands, and put things in their cubby!

Class lists and directory: 

Class lists and directory of students will be out soon.  Please check the one on the sign in table to make sure your information is what you want in the School Directory.


All teachers will be sending you a link to read the newsletters when they are posted on the web page.  Newsletters will be posted every other Monday beginning September 11.

COGSPS Parent's Gathering Kick-Off: 

The Parent Meeting is a time to get connected with other parents in the preschool, to help coordinate fun events, to find out information on what room parents can do to help teachers, to help with fund raisers and to be involved in your child’s school.  I will be having two Parent Meetings that will be the same so we can all get acquainted.  First Meeting is Thursday, September 20 and the second is Friday, September 21.  Both will be held at the church site and will start at about 9:15 after drop off. There will be refreshments and toys for children.


The children and the teachers are getting used to and changing up routines to fit the children’s and teacher’s needs.  Some children are having a little separation anxiety but parents keep up the great work and keep things positive for the children.  Always feel free to talk with your child’s teacher or to me.

T-shirts, sweatshirts and totes:

 There is still time to order.  The t-shirts & sweatshirts are nice for field trips and just great for school shirts that can get dirty!  Totes are great for Grammy gifts too.  Send me an email. The tee shirts have not been ordered yet and pictures for the totes are still in the process of being taken.

Afternoon Enrichment & Early Arrival

We offer a drop-in afternoon enrichment and early arrival if spaces are available. There is a form to fill out if you need your child to stay until 3:30, 4:30 or 5:30 occasionally or come in at 7:30 or 8:00 a.m.  The forms are available at the sign-in tables or in the office. Check with teacher.  


Thank you for taking the time to read as it helps the school run smoothly, Sandy

Sandy French