Preschool News February 7 - 21


Preschool’s 22nd ANNUAL FUN!RAISER

Boots & Bling

It’s a Fun!Raiser Thing

March 2



Bring in your RSVP’s



Turn in your RSVP’s this is going to be such a fun-packed evening and wonderful fundraising for the preschool.  There are extra invitations on the sign-in tables – Invite people!


Elizabeth Joyce and Iris Alessandro along with the so many dedicated preschool parent volunteers have been hard at work to make a fun party for everyone to enjoy.   So send in your RSVP’s and show your support for this terrific school!  With much thanks, Sandy and all the staff!


Read-o Tac-o, Burrit-o!  Didn’t the children do such a great job making salsa?  What a fun family event.  Thank you to our special readers Aimee German, Bill Shelby, Megan Ferrari, Allie Baker! 


Scholastic Book Fair – Everything is tallied and we needed to make over $2500 in sales in order for the preschool to receive half of all the sales in scholastic merchandise and we are at $3042.15 in sales.  I was very pleased with the majority of the books.  I am so happy you were too and thank you for the books requested by the teachers as they go into our school libraries!  Hooray! What a fun and successful week.


Parent group Meeting:  At our last meeting in attendance was Elizabeth Joyce, Iris Alessandro, Natalie Haney, Shardonnay Macias, Kate Kanow, Sarah Carswell, Sandy French


The main topic was the March 2 Fun!Raiser.  It is so wonderful how everything is coming together.  We have received so many nice donations and the Class Baskets are coming along wonderfully!  The items that the children have helped with finger or hand prints are just adorable.


2019-2020 Registration is in process:   Preschool registration fee of $150 is due with your registration form to hold a spot for next school year. 


Valentine’s Day:  Valentine’s Day is coming!  The Tuesday/Thursday classes do not to do valentine exchanges.  They will make valentines but just not bring in for exchange – next year!

The MWF and 5-day classes will be exchanging valentines and your teacher will give you more details. All the children will be make Valentine’s for home too.  We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with all the classes by having Friendship Pizza!  Your child’s teacher will send a note with what your child wants to bring for the friendship pizza


PLEASE, PLEASE NO CANDY or FOOD. We do have many children at preschool with special allergies.  Preschool rule is no candy at school.  We don’t have tooth brushes here! Thank you.

Parent/Teacher Conferences    Parent/teacher conferences are very important to all.  We request if at all possible that both parents/guardians attend.  These conferences are very meaningful and a wonderful home/school bridge. We are so blessed to have such dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable teachers at the school.  Their time and effort is very evident in the work they are doing on the evaluations as they prepare for your conference.  


We know that these years are important as many developmental milestones are reached. We are doing conferences for the 5day classes and the MWF classes on Friday, February 22.  School will not be in session. The Tuesday /Thursday Classes will have their conferences April 11.


You will receive a date and time of your conference from your child’s teacher in the beginning of February. The time and date for the conferences will also be posted.  If you cannot make the time that has been set we ask that you switch with another parent and make the adjustment on the posted list. All conferences will be held at the church site and child care may be available if needed.


Mark Your Calendar -February

·         Wednesday & Thursday February 13 & 14 All School Chapel (Love)

·         Friday, February 15, Parent Meeting, (Registration and Parent/Teacher Conferences information)

·         Monday, February 18, President’s Day No School

·         Friday February 22, Parent Teacher Conferences –no preschool – 5 day and MWF classes

Coming on  February 28 & March 1 is the  Sweetheart Lunch Dads or special guest come to have lunch with their preschooler!  The children will make a special gift for their dad or special person and have lunch.  Dads and children bring their own lunch to school at 12:00.  

Sandy French