Preschool News from Miss Sandy March 14




Mark Your Calendar


·         March 21 & 22 Thursday & Friday Spring Celebrations at both schools Grange 12:30  Church 12:00

·         March 28, Thursday, Thank your Brunch to Parents from staff – It is amazing come in after drop off

·         April 3 Picture Make up Day

·         April 8-12 Week of the Young Child – celebrating young children

·         April 11, Parent Teacher Conferences for the TTH Classes – no school for TTH Classes

·         April 12 Friday All School “Kids Day” at Lovers’ Point Beach

·         April 15-22, Easter/Spring Break – Monday April 15-Monday April 22

·         April 26 Last parent meeting in the Parish Hall after drop off


Children’s Spring Celebration Performances

 Thursday & Friday March 21 & 22

This is a date change from the calendar so please note this change


The “Spring Celebration” is a singing performance by your preschoolers.


For the MWF and 5-day classes

The performance is typically held outside but if it rains plans we will change, of course! The children will be singing some Easter/springtime songs as we welcome spring. Following the performance, we will have some spring type cookies and strawberries that you have helped provide.


The Grange: Backpacker and Purple Families singing performance will be held in the garden on Friday, March 22 @ 12:30 


The Church: Yellow and Blue Families singing performance will be held in the BBQ/Lower Playground area on Friday, March 22 @ 12:00


For the TTH Classes

The Spring Celebration is similar to Jesus’ Birthday Celebration but without lunch.  Each class will have a few special songs or fingers play to sing.   The celebration is short but meaningful for each child to have you there, so make sure you are here a little early.  Please remember it is just fine if your child doesn’t participate or gets anxious and needs your help.  When the children are finished singing they may enjoy Easter/spring type cookies and strawberries that you have provided. Your child will need to bring his/her own lunch as this is a regular day of school.


The Grange: Purple Family singing will be held in the classroom on Thurs., March 22 @ 12:30


The Church: The Yellow Family singing will be held in the hall on Thurs., March 22 @ 12:00


Beach Day is almost here! Lover’s Point Beach for the whole school 

Friday, April 12 the entire preschool will meet at Lover’s Point Beach for a morning of Beach Fun.  Bring your own everything, snacks, lunch, water, toys etc.   This is for the whole school. Parents come with your child to Lover’s Point Beach.  Children must be accompanied by a grown up. The staff will be there at 9:30 and will leave by 12:30.  We will still have Afternoon Enrichment for those who need it. The beach is right in front of The Beach House restaurant – that address is 620 Ocean View Blvd.  Pacific Grove for those who would like to use their GPS.  I checked the tide and low tide is right at 11:30 so it will be perfect at 9:30.


Sandy French