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Tuesdays At Ten Book Group, Finders Keepers with Antonia Fiske

Anotnia Fiske will lead the Tuesdays at Ten book group through Nov. 13th.

There was so much that I did not understand about life when I was a teenager. It was a struggle to find happiness and purpose that would last any length of time.

Many years later, after graduate school, experience in counseling, and wishing I had done a better job in coaching my own children, I decided to write down the main issues at stake in the process of growing up for the beneSit of others. The point of view is that of a psychotherapist.

I have been writing this teaching workbook, “Finders, Keepers”, for the past three years. I wanted 12-year-olds to understand it. The  chapters are only a page or two and there is plenty of white space for writing.

I wrote it as a book to carry in your backpack or briefcase so you can refer to it in the moment and keep yourself on track. I want it to be like an encouraging friend, cheering you on to discover how wonderful you really are!

It is now available through Amazon or through my website,

I am eternally thankful for Brooks’ support and that of the church community while on this inner journey of writing.

Later Event: November 4
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