My Experience of Silence

Contributor: Sandy French

Recently, I have been trying meditation.  I have tried meditation before but I just wasn’t able to have my brain be quiet, it is on auto pilot.   Recently I was watching something on TV about a gentleman named Andy Puddicombe, who is a former Tibetan Buddhist monk and co-founder of a meditation app called Headspace. 

I downloaded the app to try it out. The voice on the app is Andy Puddicombe’s,

who has a wonderful calming accent to his voice.

In a recent meditation he spoke of looking at the blue sky as a kind of prop for that space where you can go to have that relief of nothingness.  For me, it worked.  I can go to my blue sky and if I drift away I re-focus on my breathing and look for the beautiful blank blue sky of no thoughts!

Sandy is our preschool director and currently in cancer treatment.