Vestry Stewardship Statement

The Vestry of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd is committed to our mission “To know Christ and to make Christ known.”  As the lay leaders of this community of faith, it is important that we invite our parishioners to pursue a healthy spiritual life through responsible stewardship based on biblical principles.

We believe that God is the source of everything and that we are stewards of what we possess during this lifetime.  The use and care of these gifts are spiritual acts of gratitude and worship. 

Each of us intends to offer to God in proportion to what we have received.

Therefore, we are committed to increasing our personal giving to reach or exceed the biblical tithe.  Joyful giving from the abundance entrusted to us by God is an essential part of our spiritual journey.  We encourage all members of our congregation to join us in this act of worship and grateful commitment to God, in Christ Jesus, by the Holy Spirit, at the Church of the Good Shepherd