Faith & Family

When my oldest was a year-and-a-half old, my spouse and I took her to Disney World. She was a little young but, being a military family, we have learned to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

I doubt that my Ladybug will retain any memory of that trip, which given her reaction to the cartoon characters might be a good thing. Less money for therapy. Her father and  I, however, will remember moments from our time visiting long after she has grown. And in the moment of the experience, she had a wonderful time. (Except when meeting Mickey Mouse.)

Living in the moment of an experience. It’s hard to do. It’s so easy to capture a moment in photos and return to them on

our phones or social media. Facebook even makes it easy,

sharing those “Memories” so we don’t forget.

When it comes to attending Church as a family, it’s sometimes a struggle. We have early mornings Sive days a week, and now mom and dad want to get up on Sunday mornings, too? This is why it was so important to us to find a Church that welcomed children and provided a faith experience for the whole family.

When we drop off my oldest, and now my youngest, in the nursery, and then bring them with us for Coffee Hour after, I don’t expect them to remember much of their early Churchgoing experiences. But I do know that they will enjoy the experience in the moment, playing with friends and learning that Church is a community of people who gather together to praise God.

I know that my spouse and I enjoy our own experience, worshipping with our new community and having coffee afterward with new friends.

Every moment may not make a lasting memory. But every moment is an opportunity to experience our faith as a family, and that is a memory that will last.

Rachel Brune recently arrived in Monterey from Fayetteville, NC. A military spouse and Army Reservist, she is currently the Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministry at Church of the Good Shepherd. Rachel’s journey in church ministry began in high school, when she began playing guitar and singing with her parish’s music ministry. She has continued to participate in parish life even during her time in the military, leading music in the Catholic parish in