Tutors Help Kids Soar Towards Success

Parents who speak English as a second language Sind tutoring their children at home challenging. The Rev. Martin, pastor of San Pablo de Apostol Episcopal Church in Seaside, reached out to Pastor Linda and Good Shepherd to partner in an Outreach tutoring program for those seeking this assistance.

The program began in May with seven Good Shepherd tutors meeting with Fr. Martin, who gave each of us a rundown on our individual child’s needs, introduced us to our student, and whenever possible one of their parents. Once acquainted, we began our tutoring relationship. Some tutors are helping their upper grade students with homework, writing and reading. Others consider their main duty to be a variety of mentoring, reading and writing skills, introducing concepts like using a wrist watch to tell time, reading a map or reading and discussing poetry.

One of our tutors, a teacher and an artist, Carol Lowery, conducted an Art Camp four days, two- hours a day, in July. Twelve children signed up for the Art Camp, which included instruction in Collage, Monotype Printing, Watercolor, and Drawing. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all those attending, third through eleventh grade. We’ve been asked to offer it again next year if possible.

We are also considering a program or “event” for the younger children, introducing them to books and storytelling as a workshop similar to our Art Camp.

All of our tutors have had very positive experiences, connecting with the children in a variety of ways and also with their parents to make our efforts most beneSicial. We have met each month to share our experiences and to discuss any questions with a professional such as a reading specialist.

We need more tutors for students, grades 3 and 4 to cover a waiting list. Your particular skills can be useful to these children. Meeting hours can be made Slexible and a backup tutoring position can be worked out if needed. Call Bob Evans (415-254-7166) / Peg McIntosh (415-254-6916) if you have any questions. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you