3 of 3: Bishop Search Continues

Pastor Linda suggested that I end this series about our bishop search by summarizing what I had previously shared.  In March of last year, Bishop Mary Gray Reeves asked the diocese to begin the process of electing our 4th bishop. I am including her full name as she has been fondly called Bishop Mary ever since her consecration and I suspect many of us do not know her by any other name! The bishop’s request suddenly made the Standing Committee of the diocese very busy!  They quickly sought assistance from the Office of Pastoral Development from the Episcopal Church Center and hired a search consultant.

A major task was developing a profile of the diocese designed to inform and attract priests who might be interested in the position. I hope some of you have had a chance to look at the profile as it does an outstanding job describing many aspects of our diocese and shares our vision for the future. www.bishopsearch2018.org

The Standing Committee then appointed a search committee to accomplice the due diligence necessary to prepare a slate of 3-5 candidates to be announced in March. The process will then be open for a short time to allow other priests to petition for inclusion on the slate.  A transition committee was also appointed to shepherd the candidates during the process and eventually to assist the new bishop and family.

By early May we will have the final slate. Clergy and lay delegates from El Camino Real’s 47 congregations will have the opportunity to meet the candidates at one of the deanery meetings. On June 1st, the election convention will be held at St. Andrew’s, Saratoga.  Guests are welcome at this and all conventions of the diocese.

Bishops in the Episcopal Church are bishops of the whole church, not just their diocese. Bishops and Standing Committees of every diocese in our church will be asked to give consent to our election.  When this is accomplished, the diocese will have a grand celebration of Bishop Mary’s ministry with us.

Finally, the Most Reverend Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, will be with us in January of 2020 to consecrate the 4th bishop of El Camino Real.  Almost two years of dedicated work and pray will have taken place between Bishop Mary’s original request and the completion of the process.  For some in the diocese the involvement will have been great; but each one of us will have had a part as we are asked to pray for those involved.  Pastor Linda will continue to lead us in those prayers every Sunday. Remember to add the search process to your personal prayers. I will try to keep you informed as this process progresses.

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