Bishop Search & Troop 93

This Sunday is Scout Sunday. If you have a uniform, consider wearing it. Our Troop 93 & Cub Pack 93 will be worshipping with us. We will hear from Scouts Sadagopan Palaniappan and Noah Fouts. 

This Sunday, as well, Dottie Fuller will offer the second of a three-part series on our Diocesan search for our next Bishop. You can read the first of her series. You can read more about the Search process and our Diocesan profile by clicking on this link

Several of us have been enjoying a daily 12 minutes Morning Prayer podcast, which includes prayers for the day, scripture readings, and Native American flute. You can enjoy it as well by going to the Morning Prayer listing on our website, under worship. Follow this link to get to the worship section of our website.