How To Be Friends?

What can we do to be better friends to each other? What can we do to work on our own selves instead of pointing out other peoples' mistakes? This week, we will learn about Mary and Martha, and how they showed friendship to Jesus.

Pre-K Children and Families: Our experienced nursery leader, Ms. Ruth, will be waiting for our youngest parishioners in the nursery, where they will find an engaging environment for music and play! Of course, our littlest ones are always welcome in the service as well. Please make sure to sign your child(ren) in and out!

Children's Chapel (K-4th Grade): Have you ever run to a parent or teacher to tell on someone, and they ask: What were YOU doing? Jesus had lots of people ready to tell him what everyone else was doing, but few people wanted to own up to their mistakes. Which do you think Jesus thought was more important? Thank you to Jenn Kato, who will lead our Children's Chapel this week.

Youth Group (5th-9th Grade): During the season of Lent, we will continue to explore questions of Faith and the Bible as Jesus continues his journey to Jerusalem. This week, we will explore the concept of friendship, and what we must cultivate -- or let go of! -- in order to be better friends with each other as we follow Jesus.

Don't forget! This Sunday, there will be a Confirm, Not Conform class that will meet at 11:20 in the Church. Pastor Linda will lead the lesson on the topic of the Church.