Getting To Know You - Scott Hawthorne


Contributed by: Izabelle Woods

Mid-way through March, Sandy came into my office to let me know that someone was working in the Barbecue pit. Not having anything on the calendar, I went out to introduce myself but found Scott Hawthorne. The Vestry asked him to look into the possibility of adding an ADA ramp to the BBQ area, which is slated to become our Outdoor Worship Space.

I asked Scott about his work as a Surveyor. He entered the business in 1994, after making pizza’s and working in the kitchen supply industry. In his deep drawling voice, he told me how he is part peacemaker, part legacy-maker, and part puzzle solver. He also is a musician and auctioneer, but I didn’t get the impression that part had made it onto his resume.

When I asked what he loves about surveying, my pencil couldn’t keep up with his list. What stuck out to me is the diversity of people he meets, the being outside in new places, the puzzle of it, and that “it’s hard work, so it’s rewarding.” He knit that last part together in a way that made it extra significant.

Scott would strongly recommend that young people looking for direction, especially those who like working outside, consider going to school to become a Surveyor. You’d need a bachelor’s degree and field time, but it is a rewarding career with a lot of opportunities.