Letting Go of Paper and Cultivating Trees - Our Church Lenten Practice


For Lent, as a church we are letting go of paper and cultivating the stewardship of saving trees and printing costs.

How? By using the hymnals when possible rather than printing out all the songs in the bulletin. And by printing the service music once and using it weekly as an insert.

Every week we print 80 bulletins unless the savior is born or resurrected; we print extra in honor of those events.  For Lent, in preparation for the latter, we printed the service music in a separate packet and are re-using it every week, and we are not printing out every hymn. Not only is this more sustainable, but it has also saved a considerable amount of money for the Church as we pay per page printed.
We’re going to save about 2,240 pages – give or take a few. This is a Lenten practice we hope to bring to the rest of the year. Let us know what you think!