Celebrate Pentecost!

It is Pentecost! Our church is here to bring us together and allow us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. A celebration and reminder that The Spirit is always with us! Come to church dressed in red to honor this special day!

Pre-K Children and Families: Our experienced nursery leader, Ms. Ruth, will be waiting for our youngest parishioners in the nursery, where they will find an engaging environment for music and play! Of course, our littlest ones are always welcome in the service as well. Please don't forget to sign in and out!

Children's Chapel (K-4th Grade): RED, flames, fire, energy! It is Pentecost! On Sunday we will celebrate this special occasion by using our own artistic talents to create "fire" and learn of the church's birthday.

Youth Group (5th-9th Grade): Youth Group will remain in service to celebrate Pentecost with the congregation.

cyf pentacost june 9.png