Good Shepherd Aitken Plan-1.jpg

The Oak Grove Outdoor Worship Sanctuary & Land Plan

Located in the beautiful Pastures of Heaven, we dream of being able to easily worship outdoors in a space that will accommodate all ages and abilities. This is slated to become reality in the oak grove area where the barbecue and outdoor swing set is currently located. This area will accommodate over a hundred worshipers, as well as continuing to be a gathering place for barbecues, meals and fellowship. Music, prayers, Holy Communion, baptisms, weddings will be available for giving glory to God and building Christian community.

Through the generosity of donors, the church engaged the services of Karen Aitken, a landscape architect, to formulate a plan for the whole property that belongs to Good Shepherd. This plan has been approved by the 2018 Vestry. The Oak Grove Worship Sanctuary and labyrinth is the first part of this plan.