Good Shepherd,

Good News

This is a new monthly publication. Our deadline for submissions is the 15th of the month. The next deadline is January 15 for the Febuary newsletter. Please send photos, if possible, to accompany your article.

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December-January Magazine
Got Joy?

Tuesdays at Ten is back in January. A discussion of the importance of our church preschool, “Of Princess Astronauts & Shepherd Kings” and “Making the Holidays Mean More.”

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November Magazine
Transforming Generosity: Gratitude, Faith & Authenticity

The Parish Goes to a Prison Celebration, we learn about how Herod indirectly funded the Ministry of Jesus through women, and on Praying With Our Lives.


October Edition
Stewardship: Of our Planet, of Our Bodies & of Our Wallets

In October, we focus on Stewardship. To kick the month off, Pastor Linda blessed everyone’s pets on October 7th.

In this edition we discuss our pets, tithing, caring for our bodies through meditation and prayer, and more.


September Edition
Rhyming our Rhetoric: Living our Faith

In September, we follow the Letter of James – the book that almost didn’t make it into the New Testament canon. Why? Because James’ letter to the church is more about action than faith.  (See the rest)

Also: Making Christ Known in Soledad, Wise Stewardship, Spiritual Formation, Words of Wisdom from a Veteran Teacher, Faith & Family, and more!