Morning Prayer 

In many times and places, daybreak has been a time of prayer. Jews prayed in their synagogues at sunrise as well as at other times each day. This Jewish pattern of prayer formed the basis of the Christian monastic Daily Office, with its prayers or "hours" at seven times in each day. Thomas Cranmer's revision of the Daily Office for the first English Prayer Book (1549) reduced the number of services to two-one for morning (Matins) and one for evening (Evensong or vespers). In the Second English Prayer Book (1552), the morning service was given its present name, Morning Prayer.  Morning Prayer is designated as a daily service for the worship of the church. This usage reflects the ancient tradition of the Daily Office. 

Morning Prayer podcasts are an easy way to participate in this daily prayer. You can listen to a 10 minute daily Morning Prayer accompanied by flute, subscribe to the morning prayer here. If you are sufficiently intrigued, consider subscribing.