MWF Yellow Family October 22-November 2

 Yellow Family Newsletter

                                          October 22-November 2, 2018

Announcements, please mark your calendars:

October 25 Parent Gathering with guest speaker

November 1 make up Picture Day after drop off

November 7 All School Chapel Bring food bank donation

 November 12 Veteranโ€™s Day Holiday

 November 14 at 12:00 Harvest Celebration

 November 19-23 Thanksgiving Break/School resumes November 2


 Science: The Yellow Family have been busy scientists exploring apples. We have scrubbed, chopped, cooked, riced, and turned them into applesauce! We have learned how apples grow and named the parts of an apple. The children loved these activities, now on to pumpkins!

Art: The class practiced using scissors and the stapler and made an apple craft that is hanging in the classroom in the dress up area. We did a fun science/art project to show the children how water travels through the leaves of a tree. The kids colored a leaf shaped coffee filter and then sprayed it with water and watched the colors move trough the paper the same way that water moves through a leaf to give it water. This is also hanging on our apple tree in the classroom. The children drew a wonderful recall picture of The Farm after the field trip and that is hanging in the classroom over the snack table. The class finger-painted a still life of a pumpkin and that is hanging behind the playdough table. Please feel free to come on in to the classroom and check out these fabulous art projects with your child anytime!

Family: At Family time we have been playing a game called pass the pumpkin where we pass around a jack-o- lantern with colors in it and each child takes a turn to identify one to their peers. Then we played pass the caldron which had various shapes to pull out and identify to our classmates. We will continue this fun game for a while and add numbers next!

 Halloween is celebrated at the preschool with a mask parade. We will make some fun masks then sing and parade around the preschool together. After that we eat a special muffin and apple juice snack with the Blue Family. Parents need not attend, its very low key and super quick. I will take pictures and post them with a newsletter so you can see. Please do not dress in a costume for school this day. Instead send a picture of your child in their costume and I will display them on a bulletin board in the classroom for the kids to share. Please do not send candy to school to give to the children or send it in lunches, it is against school policy and we try to encourage healthy eating at school.

Thanks to Ava G.โ€™s mom Aimee for the pumpkin cutouts and playdough! Thanks to everyone for bringing in a pumpkin the children love to move them all over the playground! Thanks to everyone for working so hard on our Mixed Bag Fundraiser!

Fall is in the air! Dress warm for those chilly mornings! Miss Mika and Miss Ann    

Sandy French