MWF Yellow Family October 8 - 19

Yellow Family News

October 8-15,2018

What a fabulous field trip to The Farm! It was great fun and an awesome learning experience. Thanks for all your participation, so many great memories were made. We will be continuing the pumpkin patch fun on our patio all month. Thanks to the De Rosa family for the hay bales, to the Salzillo Family for the pumpkins and decorations, and to everyone who brought pumpkins in to explore! We will now start a science unit on pumpkins.

The Yellow Family had a great time exploring sunflowers and the seeds inside. We worked in our garden box and planted sunflower seeds and geraniums. We will water and watch them, stay tuned. If you would like to bring in something to plant in the garden box for fall it is welcome!

I have now introduced scissors, the stapler, and stamps; we have added those to the free art cabinet supplies available to work with daily. The children have painted a name tag of either a cat or a dog for our Family Board. These are the names of the small groups we will split up into for group time. We will check in with these nametags daily to help us identify our names as well as peers’ names. The children have been practicing writing their name on a laminated sentence strip with dry erase markers.

 We will be starting library this week. Your child will have the opportunity to choose and take home one book every Friday. They will bring it home in a folder with their picture and name on it. Please return it by the following Friday so your child may check out a new book. There will be a return crate located by the sign in table for you.


Dramatic Play: Paint Kit, Pumpkin Patch

Art: Finger-paint masterpieces, Sponge print fall mural, easel painting, dot art, Q-tip print trees,

Sensory: Out: Sand and funnel stand, water and turtle pond, Jack lanterns & treasure water with small ladles, Black beans scoops and Jack lanterns, Shave cream and mice, Eyeball soup with bowls & ladles, Sand and spiders with strawberry baskets, Playdough with scissors, rolling pins, Halloween cookie cutters, pizza cutters, garlic press, Corks tongs and ice cube trays, Dough, Water and wheels.

Science: Pumpkins. 

Blocks: Potato heads then Horses.

Math: Pumpkin matching, Hook board and keys then keyrings, Peg boards 1-10, Color collection boxes, Lid in the slot game, Colored houses with families for matching, 7-24piece puzzles.

Snack Lesson: Washing apples, making applesauce.

Literature: Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman, Pumpkins by Jacqueline Farmer, Apples and How They Grow by Laura Driscoll, Duck on a Tractor by David Shannon, The Biggest Pumpkin Ever by Steven Kroll, Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper, Duck on a Bike by David Shannon, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves by Lucille Colardro, Pumpkin Town by Katie Mc Ky, Pete the Cat and the 5 Little Pumpkins by James Dean

Don’t forget picture Day is on Wed October 17. We try to stay dry and clean until pictures are taken in the morning. Please send a change of clothes and let me know if you want your child to change afterwards.

The Mixed Bag Fundraiser ends October12, thanks for your participation!

Fall is in the air and we start on the patio outside Monday and Wednesday and we meet in the sand box on Friday, dress for chilly mornings. Please remember to let your child walk into school by themselves, carry their lunch box in and place it on the lunch cart. Then try to go potty and wash hands. It is important that your child does these things for themselves as we are working on self help skills at school right now and this helps build competence as well as self-confidence. Please help your child to remember at school parents and teachers open doors.

Thank-you, Miss Mika and Miss Ann

Sandy French