MWF Yellow Family December 17



 Christmas Program is in the Church this Wednesday December 19 at 530pm. There is no afternoon enrichment this day, pick up is at 1:00 for everyone. Please have your child rest a bit and eat dinner before coming back to school to get ready for the program at 5:10. The Yellow Family will meet in the classroom to get dressed. The children will sing some wonderful Christmas songs, then meet in the Parish Hall for cookies and milk before going home.

 Friday December 21, is an optional pajama day at school. We will still start our day outside so please wear a coat and tennis shoes with your pajamas if you choose to wear them. I will be doing a special book reading of The Polar Express while the children eat cookies and drink hot cocoa on chairs arranged like a train. This is our last day of school before Christmas break, there is no afternoon enrichment this day; school is out at 1:00.

 Christmas break is from December 24-January 4.

At family time we have been working on:

I have been introducing new tools to introduce the concept of ordering. The children have learned to work with the Cuisenaire sticks and serrate them in order from largest to smallest.  We have also learned to arrange story cards in order from the beginning to the end, and tell the story to the group in the order that it happens.

The class also drew some fantastic pictures of a desert scene with animals and their environment. We created sand art pictures. The children drew a self portrait of themselves. These are all hanging up in the classroom if you would like to take a look.

Thanks to Nicci De Roza and Jennifer Salzillo for being this month’s room parents for the class!  

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Miss Mika and Miss Ann

Sandy French