MWF Yellow Family January 28-February 8

Yellow Family Newsletter

January 28-February 8, 2019


Hello Yellow Family, the class has been very busy focusing on their fine motor writing skills. The children are really doing well with the routine of writing their names upon arrival on paper with a pencil. Some of the children are now able to write their name by memory without copying the letters, and some children are advancing to writing their last name! If your child is struggling with writing their name, I suggest some extra practice at home. I will be sending home the laminated name strips I made for the class at the beginning of the year so you can have your child practice some more at home to get up to speed if they need to. Just have them use a dry erase marker to write on it then erase with a paper towel when done form the next time. You can easily work this into a routine at home at a particular time to increase proficiency. We have also been learning to draw numbers and shapes.

The children have also been honing their scissoring skills with various cutting activities and are doing a fantastic job! If you do not already have a small desk set up for your child at home, I recommend making one. This will help your child become more proficient in fine motor skills, helps them to become more familiar with tools, and is fun too! Provide a chair and desk equipped with things like pencils, crayons, markers, tape, scissors, hole punch, staplers, paper, and recyclable items to create with. They will then have a place ready to do their homework next year too! Win, Win!

 Our featured STEAM activity last week was making a shape train. The children were offered several different shapes and were asked to construct a train from them. Their wonderful engineering artwork pieces are hanging in the classroom, come on in and take a look!

READO BURRITO NIGHT is this Wednesday night January 30 at 5:30pm sharp. The kids eat fast and will be excited, so come on time! Children are welcome to wear their pajamas to school for this fun filled event, perfect if they fall asleep on the way home! After dinner is eaten, the children will choose a room to listen to a story before going home. The teachers will serve popcorn to them while they listen. The night is over at 6:30 so the children get to bed on time.

The Scholastic Book Fair is open from Jan 28-Feb1 as well as Reado- Burrito night, please come in and purchase some fabulous books for your children. This is a wonderful fundraiser for our school.

Please be sure to mark your calendars for the 22nd Annual Fun-Raiser set to take place at the Amaral Barn. There will be amazing food live music and a live and silent auction. There are donation forms on the sign in table if you know a business that would like to help. Tickets are available on Facebook and online. Invite your friends and family for this fun filled night!

Parent Teacher Conferences are on Friday February 22nd. The school is closed this day for conferences. If you are not able to come this day, please let me know now so we can schedule an alternate date. If you would like a special time slot, please let me know now so I may accommodate you.  The children have been working really hard as I have been working individually to test each child’s readiness for kindergarten next year. There will be a conference time list displayed next month on the sign in table.

Blessing for a wonderful week, Miss Mika and Miss Ann



Sandy French