MWF Yellow Family February 11-22

Yellow Family Newsletter


Hello Yellow Family, this month we start our days outside, and the weather may be cold and wet. Please check extra clothes and wear a jacket with a hood. If you have rain boots please wear them as well. The puddle jumping will be fabulous!


This month we will celebrate Valentines day on February 13th. The children will exchange valentines with each other at school. You can use homemade or store bought but please do not include any candy. Have your child write their name on each valentine. This is a great opportunity for you to see how your child is doing writing their name. They do not need to write the recipients name on it, we will be dropping one in each child’s bag in front of their cubby upon arrival that day. We will also celebrate the occasion by making a Friendship Pizza to share for snack. Please bring in a bag for toppings. Fun, Fun, Fun!

All school chapel is Wednesday February 13 at 9am in the Church. Join your child for a quick 10minute service about LOVE. Then drop off your child for school on the playground. Can’t wait to see you there!

February 18th is a holiday, no school, we are closed for Presidents Day.

Please have Daddy mark his calendar for a very special lunch date here at school with your child. The Sweetheart Lunch is March 1st. at 12:00. This is a special tribute to the Daddy’s and they share a sack lunch together in the Parish Hall to celebrate Fathers. Your child will be working on a very special gift to give to Dad and take home as well as a special card.  

Parent teacher conferences are set for Friday February 22. The school is closed this day. Your assigned time is on the sign in table. If your time does not work, please try to switch with a friend then let me know about the change. Each conference is a 20-minute time slot. Questions or concerns, please contact me.

Happy Birthday to:  Lorelai, Bobby, and Julia, who turn 5 this month.

Our featured STEAM activity this week at family time was cutting various shapes out of a paper. Then arranging them to build a house on another sheet of paper paper.





Activities for the next two weeks:

Science: Introduction to simple tools, screwdriver then sanding.

Technology: Listening center.

Engineering: Big Blocks and Big Bugs

Art: Placemat stamping, Valentines bags, TP tube heart prints mural, collage, doilies, hearts, valentines, super-secret project, cards., lazy Susan art with crayons, marker, paint, easel painting.

Math: Puzzles, Serration blocks, colored blocks, colored bears, colored dogs, colored bugs, abacus, number rocks, egg pegs, magnetic dress ups, collection boxes, Unifix cubes

Sensory: Going on a bear hunt story, Pirate ship with small families and water, Jurassic sand and Zen tools then Treasure hunt with eggs and gems, Three Billy Goats Gruff Story, Sand and funnel stand, Dino swamp, Three Little Kittens story, Coco shells and doves.

Literature: There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose, by Lucille Colandro, Big Sharks Valentine Surprise by Steve Metzger, Roses are Pink Your Feet Stink by Diane de Groat, Crankenstein Valentine by Samantha Berger, Pete The Cat and The Cool Cat Boogie by Kimberly and James Dean, No Roses For Harry by Gene Zion. The Pig in a Wig by Alan Mac Donald.

Dramatic Play: Veterinarians Office.

Snack: slicing pears, friendship pizza.


Thank-you for all your generous purchases and donations though the Scholastic Book Fair!

Happy Valentines Day Love Miss Mika and Miss Ann

Sandy French