MWF Yellow Family March 5 - 15

Yellow Family Newsletter

March 4-15, 2019

Thank you for being a part of the preschool Fun!raiser – Thank you brunch Thursday March 14

Upcoming Calendar Events:

March 6 & 7 Wednesday and Thursday – All School Chapel 9:00 at the church

 March 8, Friday – Switch-A-Roo Day – both schools switch schools for a field trip day

 March 13 & 14 Spring Picture Days after drop off

March 14 Parent Meeting - Thank You Brunch after drop off.

 March 21 & 22 – Thursday & Friday Spring Celebrations Church site 12:00

Switch A Roo Day: Friday March 8

We are going to have a fun filled day switching places with the kids at the Grange site! In the morning please take your child to the Grange and pick up from the Grange school if your pick-up time is at 1:00. For those who stay for Afternoon Enrichment we will transfer them back to their home school at 1:00.


Spring Celebration: Friday March 22 at Noon

The performance is going to be held on the lower playground. If it rains, we will meet in the Parish Hall. The children will be singing some Easter/springtime songs as we welcome spring. Following the performance, we will have some spring type cookies and strawberries that you have helped provide.


We have started Zoo phonics in the classroom at Family time. I have introduced a cast of animal characters that the children will learn a sound and signal for. Then after we master the sound and hand signal for each letter, we will learn the letters name. By the end of the school year we will be reading short words together! There is also a fun song I will be introducing that is about the Zoo phonics characters.  Very fun and exciting!

Last week, we started assigning lunch buddies for the week to help encourage new friendships. Now, we will start sending home the “What’s Inside Bag.” Your child will bring a bag home. They can put ONE item in the bag to bring to school the next day. Then, they write 3 clues about the item. The children try to guess what’s inside the bag. Please no electronics or weapons.

Thanks to all of you for making time to attend Parent Teacher Conferences. I am so proud of all the growth happening in the Yellow Family, and there is so much more to come!

This week Tuesday, March 5th-Thursday, March 7th, we will have a Speech-Language Pathologist spending time in the classroom. If you have concerns about your child’s speech please let me know. If you do NOT want your child evaluated please let me know as well

 Thanks for coming to the Sweetheart Lunch Dads and special guests! The kids had a wonderful time having their Dads as a lunch guest at school!

Thanks for attending or making a monetary donation to our Annual Fun Raiser! We are so very lucky to have such a wonderful group of parents to support our wonderful school and children.

Parent/Grandparent/Special guest Readers--let me know if you would like to come in on a Friday at 12:50 to read a story to the class. Look for a sign-up sheet on the table.

Activities in March:

Science: Simple tools: Sanding wood, then hammer and nail.

Technology: Take apart center.

Art: Car track mural, Jackson Pollock art (aka throwing and dribbling paint) mural, Free art and collage materials, Pringle can marble shaker art, Baby pool tennis ball group art, Large spring flower painting, Easel painting.

Math: Circle slot builders, Cored vehicles and bugs for sorting, grouping and counting, Number pegs for 1-1number practice, Large floor puzzles 20-50 pieces, Candyland board game, Chutes and Ladders board game, Complete the pattern puzzles, Memory game, Dino tops and bottoms matching game, Discovery boxes with frogs, Chess pieces, Colored bugs, Links, Sewing puzzle, Number rocks, Giant Uno Cards, Dinosaur egg color matching game, Matchbox car parking garage number matching game, Woodkins.

Engineering: Legos, Cats and Dogs, Big Blocks, Horses, Magnatiles, Gears. Wedgits.

Sensory: Coco shells small containers with lid to match, Pipe builders in water, Monster trucks and soil, Marble maze in water, Kinetic sand and fancy molds, Seeds and pouring containers and vessels, Tide pool with ocean animas, Tea set and water, Kinetic sand and shells with buckets, Polymers and test tubes, Water and large ocean animals, Lincoln Logs.

Literature: Andrew Henrys Meadow by Doris Burn, Frog on a Log by Kes Gray and Jim Field, Somebody and the Three Blairs by Marilyn Tolhurtst, Penguins Love Their ABC’s by Sam Aspindll, The Three Ninja Pigs by Corey Rosen Schwartz, Just Narwhal by Lara and Rosie Greening, Knock Knock by Tammi Saver, Pete the Cat Out of This World by James Dean, Ibi’s, Fireflies by Scholastic, B. Bear and Lolly Catch That Cookie! by A.A. Livingston, I Don’t Want To Be Big by Dev Petty, Papa Saurus by Stephan Lomp, What’s The Time Grandma Wolf? by Ken Brown, Pete The Cat and The New Guy by Kimberly and James Dean.

Dramatic Play: Pizza shop! The Snake Baked A Cupcake. Construction Site.

Large Motor: Obstacle course, introduction to the monkey bars, Parachute, Hoops, Duck Duck Goose, Power Paper, Pizza.

Snack Lesson: Mashing Potatoes, Peeling eggs.

This month we start our days inside after going to the bathroom and washing hands.     Miss Mika and Miss

Sandy French