TTH Yellow family October 23 - November 1


Oct. 22, 2018

 Hello Yellow Family,

Thank you to Sloane’s mom Leslie for being room parent for the month.

 We have a wonderful pumpkin patch on the patio. The children have been busy moving the pumpkins around in the wheelbarrows, washing them in the outdoor kitchen and burying them in the sand. It has been a lot of fun watching them find so many ways to play with them.

We have a class full of artists. Everyone has been busy at the art table. Right now using the glue sticks to glue something on paper is what everyone seems to be enjoying. We painted paper plates orange and glued on shapes to make a Jack-O-lantern. If you have time at drop off or pick up please come in and see some of the art hanging in the classroom.

 We will also be making masks for our mask parade on Tuesday Oct. 30th. The children will be doing a parade for the Blue family and then eating pumpkin muffins as a treat. We do not wear costumes to school. Please do not send candy.

I hope everyone is enjoying their library books. Picking out a book to take home was very exciting. There is a crate in the hall to return your books.

We planted some peas in our garden box. Everyone dug a hole and put a seed inside. We are watering our box and waiting for our peas to grow.

We are going to be cutting open a pumpkin and checking out what is inside. The children will be able to put their hands inside and help pull out all the seeds.

For snack we washed apples and will be scrubbing carrots and shucking corn. We will also be eating apple sauce the three day yellow family made.


 Oct. 25 Parent Gathering after drop off at 9:00 Guest Speaker

 Nov. 1 Picture retake

Nov. 4 All School Chapel Food Bank Donations

Nov. 12 Veterans’ Day No School

Nov. 15 Harvest Celebration at 12:00

Nov. 19-23 No school Thanksgiving Holiday

We will be starting our day outside for the next two weeks. Before coming outside please have your child use the bathroom, if they do or have on a fresh pull-up. It is very cold in the mornings so please dress in layers. On Tuesday Nov. 6 we will be starting inside the classroom.

Miss Ann and Miss Mika
































































Sandy French