TTH Yellow Family November 6-15


Nov. 5-30, 2018

Hello Yellow Family,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Gia on November 21, Declan on November 22 and Clare on November 26.


THANK YOU to Camille Reith for being our November room parent.



We will be starting our day inside the classroom for the month of November. It can still be chilly when we go outside after snack so please bring a jacket or sweater.


Our mask parade was a lot of fun. We paraded around the patio and the Blue Family. Everyone made a mask with feathers glue to it. Make sure you check out the pictures.


ALL SCHOOL CHAPEL this month we will be making a donation to the food bank. Please bring your child and donation to the chapel for a short service before dropping off in the classroom.


HARVEST CELEBRATION will be at noon on November 15. We will be doing the Turkey Trot out to the patio where the children will sit to enjoy a great feast of food served by the parents. There will be fun activities for the children after they have finished eating. Please look for a sign-up sheet for volunteers on the sign in table.


SIBLINGS: If you have a sibling that will be coming with you to the Harvest Celebration they are welcome to sit and eat with the class. Please let me know so we can plan for seating and food. The projects after the feast will be only for the class as we will only have enough supplies for them.

We will be exploring seeds and corn this month to help the children get ready for the harvest celebration.


SENSORY TABLES: Corn meal and shifters, cornstarch and water, snake race with sand and gutters, pumpkin boats in water, nuts and toilet paper tubes, turkey basters and water, corn with pouring cups, hammering golf tees into a pumpkin with a wooden mallet

SCIENCE:  We will be exploring different seeds and corn

BLOCKS:  small pumpkins, cars and roads

MATH:  geo boards, nut counting game, bristle blocks, puzzles,

ART: painting with feathers, corn printing, cookie cutter stamping, headbands for celebration

DRAMATIC PLAY:  We will have capes in the dress up area.

SNACK LESSONS: tearing lettuce

SONGS: I am a nut, Ten Little Leaves, I am glad I am not a Turkey, Grey Squirrel

BOOKS: Bear says Thanks, by Karma Wilson; My First Thanksgiving, by Tomie Depaola; Run, Turkey, Run! By Diane Mayr; Thanksgiving for Emily Ann, by Teresa Johnston

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Miss Ann and Miss Mika

Sandy French