TTH Yellow Family September 25 - October 4

YELLOW FAMILY NEWS Sept. 24-Oct. 5, 2018

Hello Yellow Family,

We have two birthdays coming up. Happy Birthday to Sloane who will turn 3 on Sept. 27 and Elodie who will turn 3 on Sept. 28! Thank you to Amy Parolini for being room mom for September.

We have been having a lot of fun using all the things in the art area. They have been making art with the watercolors, markers, stickers and colored pencils. I will be introducing glue sticks this week for them to use.

We had a couple of sunflowers brought in. We read a book about sunflowers and are working on a sunflower art project. They also were able to pick the seeds out of the sunflower. This is a great fine motor activity for small fingers.

We started our music class last week with Miss Tina and Chapel with Chaplain Angela. Everyone was very excited to be going to these two new activities.

For the month of October we will be starting our day outside. On Tuesday we will start our day out on the patio and Thursday will be starting down the sand playground. It can be cool in the mornings so please bring a jacket or sweatshirt.

We are going to be making a Pumpkin Patch at school for the children out on the patio. If you could bring in one small to medium pumpkin that would be wonderful. We would also love to have a few straw bales to complete our patch. If you have any or would like to donate one please let me know. Thank you!

Sept. 24 Mixed Bag Fundraiser to begins

Oct. 4 All School Chapel 9:00-9:15 Blessing of the Animals

Oct. 18 Picture Day

 Oct. 25 Parent Gathering after drop off at 9:00

The Mixed Bag Fundraiser will be starting on Sept. 24. The catalogue is in your sign in book. Check out the table by the sign in to see some of the things you can order. They are very nice bags and can be used for so many things.

On Oct. 4 we will have our first All School Chapel from 9:00-9:15. Please come to the church at 9 with your child. We will be blessing the animals that day and you are welcome to bring your pet with you to be blessed. A stuffed animal works just fine too!

If your child is not coming to school because they are sick or on vacation please send me an email. We like to pray for the children that are not feeling well or out having fun with their family.

Miss Ann and Miss Mika

































Sandy French