TTH Yellow Family September 11-20

Hello Yellow Family!                                                                   

Miss Mika and I have been having so much fun getting to know everyone.  The children are getting use to the routine and schedule at school.  When I ring my bell I already hear from the children “5 more minutes”, meaning 5 more minutes to play and then we will be cleaning up our areas.   We are also working on learning all our friends names at school. 

This month we are starting our day inside the classroom, it switches every month so for October we will be starting our day outside.  Before entering the classroom have your child place their lunch on the cart, if staying, use the bathroom and wash their hands.  A quick hug and kiss at the gate seems to be working with separation anxiety, there has been very few tears and within minutes everyone is happy and ready to start the day.

We have introduced crayons and markers in the art area.  They all enjoyed using the crayons to make a picture for their first day of preschool.  They have learned where to find things in the art area and how to use them and put them away when finished.  Their art work to be taking home can be found in their cubby right above their name.

In the science area the children have been introduced to the fish and this week they will meet Tammy Lou our wood turtle.  We will be talking about what she eats and they will have an opportunity to touch her if they would like.

Next week we will be starting Chapel with Chaplain Angela and Music with Miss Tina.  Miss Tina has been helping in the classroom and the children are having fun getting to know her. Chaplain Angela has also been in the classroom getting to know the children and their names.


Sept. 7 - Art Show Good Shepherd Church

Sept. 20 & 21 Preschool Parent Gathering- right after drop off

Sept. 24 - Mixed Bag Fun! Raiser begins


SCIENCE:  Introduce Fish and Tammy Lou our wood turtle

SENSORY TABLES:  Inside: Kinetic sand and molds, water and pouring Outside: Wood Pellets, barns, animals with gutters

BLOCKS:  Trains and tracks for construction

MATH: 6-8 piece puzzles, Putty, Colored Bears and Blocks, Magnetic dress up people, Picture texture cards

ART inside:  Introduce crayons and marker and free art    Outside:  Car track mural, Easel painting

SNACK LESSONS:  Taking a napkins and passing the basket, pouring water to the line on a cup, opening up our napkins so it has four squares and finding the middle of our napkin.  They are also learning how to throw their trash away when done with snack.

BOOKS:  Old MacDonald had a Truck, by Steve Goetz, The Little Mouse The Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear,  by Don & Audrey Wood, Little Excavator, by Anna Dewdney, Silly Sally, by Audrey Woods

SONGS:  Willaby Wallaby Woo, Tiny Tim (Tammy Lou), Good Morning song, Goodbye Song, Thumbs go up

DRAMATIC PLAY:  Housekeeping

Welcome to the new school year and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at

Miss Ann and Miss Mika





Sandy French