TTH Yellow Family January 15-24


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Zach on January 9th and Gianna on January 30th!

THANK YOU to Renee Paluck for being this month’s room parent.

We are working on our family board.   The class chose between a fish, shark and whale to use for their check-in name tag.  As soon as we finish painting the board and our name tags the class will then find their name when they arrive in the morning and place it on our board to check in.   

I introduced hole punchers and everyone did a great job punching holes in paper.  I will also be introducing scissors in the next few weeks.  The class really enjoys all the free art in the art cabinet and after I introduce scissor they will have access to the whole cabinet. 

I will be opening up the unit blocks cabinet this month.  Block play requires fine and gross motor skills.  Blocks enhance children’s problem solving abilities, math skills, creativity and language skills.  The blocks will be a great addition to our class.


SCIENCE:  sink or float in the large sensory table

TECHNOLOGY:  hole punches –how do they work

ENGINEERING:  block area solo cups with cardboard, Popsicle sticks, and string

MATH:  beading, puzzles, lacing cards, cuisinart sticks

LITERATURE:  How do Dinosaurs Go To School  by Jane Yolen; From Head to Toe  by Eric Carle; Cuddle Bear by Claire Freedman; Just a Duck by Carin Bramsen;  Let’s Go Visiting by Sue Williams; Bark George by Jules Feiffer

SENSORY TABLES: water with ducks, wood chips with forrest animals, water with sink or float, colored pom-poms with colored bags, snow with penguins, bird seed with squirrels, water for washing trucks, mud table

ART:  free art with hole punches and scissors, water color on the fence,

DRAMATIC PLAY: Bake shop and Veterinary clinic

SNACK LESSON: breaking broccoli, spreading jam on rice cakes, spreading cream cheese on bagel

SONGS: Ram Sam Sam, Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Slippery Fish, If all of the Raindrops


 Miss Ann and Miss Mika




Sandy French